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How can I make my journey happy

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    gutptaposted 17 months ago

    How can I make my journey happy

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    RTalloniposted 17 months ago

    It seems you may be asking about life in general.  If so, learn about how you were created to glorify God and enjoy Him forever!  Read about how He sent His Son, Jesus the Christ, to give abundant life to those who will trust Him according to His Word.

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    FlouRainShowposted 17 months ago

    Same like you, I'm a new member on this page. I hope you too will enjoy in the coming days.

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    seoarvindposted 17 months ago

    Marketing a travel related business isn’t as straight forward as marketing other businesses; it takes more detailed targeting to get a reasonable result. It is outright waste of resources to begin targeting people with ads because they live in a country or search about a country or a place on Google.

    It’s pointless showing an advert presenting a trip to Bahamas because someone typed the word (Bahamas) on Google.

    For all you care, they might just want to know where it is located on the map for knowledge sake.

    Unlike advertising businesses in other industries: resorts, air ticketing agents, tour operators, restaurants, hotels, and other travel related businesses cannot begin to target ads at everybody and anybody, anywhere in the world, because it would end up a futile effort, unprofitable, and sometimes depressing for owners of such businesses.

    As most travelers need to have few things sorted out, which varies for everyone, but these two are paramount and cuts across the board for every traveler: Time and Money.

    The time of the year and availability of funds to take on the desired trip makes it harder for travel related businesses, to target their potential customers in a profitable manner. But all that is changing with the advent of BuddyTraveller.com, which is a social network for travelers.

    Here travelers hang out and connect with each other. Since everyone on the website is a traveler, it is a big lifesaver for marketers of travel related businesses, and they will be more receptive or travel related offers when it’s presented to them.

    Here’s how to go about marketing your travel related business to travelers on BuddyTraveller.com.

    As a Travel Agent

    With a booming community of travelers, all you need to do, as a travel agent is to register on www.BuddyTraveller.com, make friends with people in there, and introduce your business offering to them.

    Since the site has lots of travelers already, you would be seeing huge response rate at once. Speak of a square peg in a square hole; it fits perfectly as if they were made for each other!

    As a Tour Operator

    Tour operators can easily benefit from this growing platform, as travelers on the platform would be eager to make friends with them, to know what their tour entails. As a tour operator, all you
    need do is to open an account on the website, make friends with travelers on BuddyTraveller.com and let them know about your tour bus

    A Traveller and a Couch Surfer who always finds a way to CouchSurfing  by finding a Free Stay  I also write blogs about travel experiences and best places to travel to.

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      seoarvindposted 17 months agoin reply to this

      You have a better option
      A Traveller and a Couch Surfer who always finds a way to CouchSurfing  by finding a Free Stay  I also write blogs about travel experien