Travel to Galapogos

  1. kiwiingrid profile image56
    kiwiingridposted 8 years ago

    If you find yourself in Ecuador then spend the money and go to the Galapogos Islands. There are lots of agencys in the main street of Quito that can book you a spot even if it is last minute. They will organize it all with the only thing you have to do is head to the airport to catch your flight there.
    I cruised on the 'Santa Cruz' and everday was different. The waters are warm, the wildlife friendly and the crew fantastic. They give you plenty of time to see everything, (and there is lots to see) and participate in all activities. The turtles at the Charles Darwin Reseach Centre are enormous to say the least. On the whole I found it a fasinating time and want to go back. To read more on this go to my website  and also check out 'Where the Hell is  Kodak' for a more info on the Galapogos Islands.