Specific Questions about Ho Chi Minh City airport in Vietnam (HELP)

  1. graceth0mas profile image55
    graceth0masposted 7 years ago

    1. Does Vietnam Airlines have a lounge?  I don't want just to know that Vietnam airlines has a lounge; I'm specifically looking for one that my client (a British Airways Gold Card member) can use. Sometimes, she can get access to partner lounges).

    2. I'm also looking for actual walking instructions to give my client that she can follow word-for-word.

    3. What does the sign outside the lounge say? The only thing I'm unclear about here is whether or not the sign says "Apricot Lounge" in english, or if it's only written in Vietnamese.  Please clarify.

    4.Does she have to go through security (she's transferring through this airport, so they may not have to; I just need to be clear whether or not she does)?

    I'm not sure you understood what I was asking here.  She's got a single ticket *transferring through* the airport, stopping there only temporarily before flying on to Cambodia.  So I need to know if (as in many US flights) her luggage will simply be checked through to the next plane and she will simply wait for her next flight vs. her having to go through security, get her luggage at the Baggage Claim and re-check-in the luggage at the ticketing counter, and go back through security to wait for the 2nd leg of the flight.

    5. Does she need to claim luggage and go through customs in Ho Chi Minh City or will the luggage automatically be transferred? (same airline, same reservation, but 3 countries)