Pilots, passengers, parents rail at new pat downs

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    Stacie Lposted 7 years ago

    Pilots, passengers, parents rail at new pat downs
    Stepped-up security airport screening provokes outcry to TSA

    By Jeremy Pelofsky

    WASHINGTON  Stepped-up security screening at airports in the wake of foiled terrorism plots has provoked an outcry from airline pilots and travelers, including parents of children who say they are too intrusive.

    With the busiest holiday travel season nearing, fliers face long security lines and new rigorous pat down checks begun in recent weeks aimed at discovering hidden explosives. As a result, some travelers are questioning whether to fly at all....

    The Transportation Security Administration has ramped up airport security after two plots by al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula. A Nigerian man hid a bomb in his underwear last Christmas and the group tried to send package bombs via U.S. cargo carriers but none of the explosives detonated.

    anyone been through these new pat downs
    I hear they are very "personal"roll