Angel waterfall

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    gofurspposted 7 years ago

    Angel waterfall bath is located in Cape Nature Reserve Forest area who have a broad Peropa 38,937 Ha. Precisely located in East Konawe or about 60 km from the city of Kendari, the provincial capital of Southeast Sulawesi . Wrapped in the atmosphere of serene beauty and flow that is so cool breeze is a very amazing natural gift for tourists to. In the tourist area of this waterfall is also there is a potential wealth of natural stone of marble. It is estimated, the content of marble as a whole ranged 860 billion meters cubic . Marble in this area is one of the sources of the world's largest marble reserves.

    Depth of the Unique

    Some of the waterfalls in other parts of Indonesia has a storied natural contour, so often called multilevel waterfalls, such as Waterfall Beringkat in Riau Province. Practically the same as that storied waterfall, Waterfall Moramo has seven levels. However, this Moramo Waterfall has a uniqueness that is typical limestone area, which is where water flows freely. With the limestone that surrounds the tourists do not be afraid to climb because the walls were not slippery to climb.

    In addition to the seven main levels, there are also 60 small stage that also functions as a reservoir (a kind of pool water). Of the many pond, there is one that is often used for swimming. The water was crystal clear, cool and comfortable making the visitor attractions of this visit was not afdol if not go and swim in the pool.

    Flora and Fauna

    In tourist areas Waterfall Moramo, there are also a variety of flora and fauna such as not behind a wide variety of birds, butterflies are colorful, and various other animals. Generally, the tourists come to this resort feel very satisfied because not only treated to the natural scenery is very beautiful waterfall eye, but also serving exotic trees and the sounds of forest animals that seemed to welcome their arrival.

    Complete works of natural beauty in the sights mighty Moramo Waterfall. Panorama of nature, sound waterfalls, chirping birds who shouted, combined with the dance of butterflies various colors flying to and fro.


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