Kecak Dance

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    thekakuposted 6 years ago

    In Bali there is a kind of dance that is quite unique, and is played mainly by men in which the number of players in the tens or more dancers who sit in line and a circle with a specific rhythm called the sound "cak"as he raised his hands. It is described as rows of apes help fight Ravana Rama in the Ramayana.

    Kecak Sanghyang ritual comes from, that is the tradition in which the dancers will be unconscious for communicating with the gods, or spirits of the ancestors who then convey its expectations to the public. In the Kecak dance does not use musical instruments and using only kincringan imposed on the feet of the dancers who are playing characters of Ramayana. While the dancers in the circle wearing a checkered cloth wrapped around their waists.

    Kecak Dance is in creating in the 1930s by Wayan Limbak and with a German painter Walter Spies. They create a dance based on ancient sanghyang tradition and take from other parts of the Ramayana. This dance became popular when Wayan Balinese dancers Limbak with his tour around the world to introduce the Kecak dance. Until now dance a dance Kecak famous Balinese art.