Physical Features

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    The District lies between 10 0 -10-46� North latitudes and 75 degree 55� East longitudes. Trichur distance <snipped link> bounded on the north by Palghat and Malappuram Districts, on the east by Palghat and Coimbatore District of Tamil Nadu, on the south by Idukki and Ernakulam Districts and on the west by Arabian sea. Trichur District has a total geographical area of 3032 and ranks seventh in the state in respect of area.

    The two longest rivers of the state, namely, Bharathapuzha and Periyar flow through the district on its northern and southern sides respectively. The other rivers of the district are Chalakudy (144 km.)And Karuvannur (48 km.). Sholayar and Peringalkuthu Hydro-Electric projects are located in the basin of Chalakudy river.The rivers Parambikulam,Sholayar,Karapara and Anakkayam are the tributaries of the Chalakudy river. Karuvannur River is formed by the confluence of two rivers, namely, Manaly and Kurumaly.
    Gayathri is the important tributary of the Bharathapuzha.

    Heavy rainfall,warm humid atmosphere and almost uniform temperature throughout the year are climatic features of the district.The north-east monsoon in the months of October-November is scanty and insufficient. There are four seasons �dry weather from March to May, southwest monsoon from June to September and northeast monsoon from October to November.

    The District received an annual rainfall of 3500 mm. The average daily maximum temperature in March and April, which are generally the hottest months, is about 31 degree C to 32 degree C in the Coastal regions and about 36 Degree C to 37 degree C in the interior.

    The District has a Coastline of about 53 KMs. It is unbroken and without any indentation to provide any natural harbor facility except for the two outlets from backwaters to the sea Kodungallur and Chettuwai. The soils of Trichur and Talappilly Taluks are mostly laterite, excellent bricks for construction purposes. Forest soils are confined to the eastern region comprising of Thalappilly, Mukundapuram and Trichur taluks. In the backwater areas, due to sedimentation of soil and organic materials, soil is extremely fertile and of loamy type. Here summer paddy ('Kol' paddy fields) is grown. Ordinary clay suitable for the manufacture of bricks and tiles is found in several parts of the District,viz. Ollur,Pudukkad,Karuvannur and Wadakkanchery.China clay is noticed at Kizhupullikara near Trichur.

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      i already visited trichur, nice place to visit. the famous guruvayur temple is near by.
      your writing about trichur is detailed one. why don't you create a hub about trichur in detail  and publish?