Bekal, the Pride of Kerala

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    Belsonuposted 5 years ago

    Kerala is such an alluring and beautiful state that the tourists visiting the state are increasing steadily. Each one is enchanted by its beauty and culture. Kerala tour operators provide many flexible packages for visitors so that they can visit the place they desire.

    One of the tourist places in Kerala is Bekal, which is about 16 km South of Kasaragod on the national highway. Kasaragod is the Northern-most district in Kerala. It is known as the land of Gods, forts, rivers, hills and mesmerizing beaches. One of the largest and the best preserved forts is the attraction of Bekal. There is also a vast expanse of shallow beach near the Bekal fort which adds more beauty to it. The Bekal Resorts Development Corporation (BRDC) has developed the Bekal Fort Beach as an exotic beach location. The site has been beautified by installing two sculptures of Theyyam using laterite on the beach. A shed of walls has also been created which is adorned with murals created by artisans from Nilambur. Besides these a rock garden has been developed at the parking area. In the rock garden laterite boulders of various sizes have been utilized. Many trees have been planted in the beach area which adds greenery and beauty.

    The Government of Kerala has set up BRDC to develop Bekal as a planned eco-friendly destination. A huge investment of about 25 million rupees has been made besides the land acquisition charges for the development of the Bekal fort beach. About 19 acres of land is being utilized by BRDC for the beach making it one of the most fascinating places in Kerala.