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Great Family Holidays Traveling with Kids

Updated on June 5, 2020
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Giovanna is passionate about adventure travel and leaving no footprint. She is hopeful, but a few years seems too short to save our planet!

Happy Holiday!
Happy Holiday! | Source

How to Make the Most of Your Family Holidays

This Hub is about how to make the most of your family holidays, and get the best out of your kids, no matter how old they are. It will help you make sure the whole family will really enjoy their holiday and the places they visit.

Was last year's holiday with your family as good as it could have been or should have been? If the answer is no - then I guess that the kids weren't as excited by the ancient ruins you visited or the beautiful countryside as you were!

This can be a big problem for many families - so how do we keep the kids happy when we're on great holidays?

As an experienced teacher and I know that both young children and teenagers always work hard at trying to understand the world around them, but first they must be stimulated, challenged, actively involved, and well prepared.

The whole family has to get involved when it's holiday time. If you don't do your homework, then they'll be bored, uninterested, and could even be frightened of the change.

Before leaving this page take a few minutes to listen to Sally Webster's (TEDsCanberra) Travel Stories for Young People, as she is expert at explaining exactly what needs to be done!

I used to be the UK Travel Contributor on Squidoo so a lot of my Hubs are about the United Kingdom.

Thanks very much indeed for your visit.

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Sally Webster - Travel Stories for Young People

"These young tourists are also our future leaders....this is my bid for world peace."

Sally inspired me to create this Hub

This is how we do our family holidays...

We have been taking my son abroad since he was 8 weeks old, so, at 14, he is really well traveled. When we take him abroad we always make sure that he knows something about the culture, history, and geography of the place. We do this to enrich his experience.

Although it sounds like more school, trust me, it is not boring if you do it the right way.

One of our recent trips was to Rome. My son was learning about the Romans at school and that included a week-long school trip to Hadrian's Wall, UK. So, it seemed the right time to take him on a trip Rome itself.

We started reading up about Rome's ancient history and about the places we were planning on visiting. We read exciting stories about gladiators, Roman mythology, gods, and the death of Julius Cesar - nothing boring there.

Also, we did things like cooked Italian food, learned on-line about the climate, and with Google Earth had a good look at some of the places we were going to see and where we were going to stay.

By the time we were about to set off he couldn't wait to get there and see it all for real and he really did feel as though he was going somewhere very familiar. Of course we also had to do our own reading and research so that we could talk about it all together, and could explain things and arouse his interest with anecdotes and extra info that a boy would like. All this made our trip all the more interesting too.

We first saw the Colosseum when it was too late to go in. Tomorrow we said, but he begged us to cross the road just so that he could reach out to touch it - that's how excited he was! His enthusiasm was completely contagious and we experienced Rome through his eyes.

The result truly was that we had a holiday that we will remember forever.

Inspirational - this is how education should be!

Traveling with kids - they'll need their own bag.

Travel Buddies Luggage Set, Archie Alien
Travel Buddies Luggage Set, Archie Alien
These are very functional, well made and fun bags. They will help you in any journey because it's always best to put your child's things together for easy access. If you don't fancy these then click on the image and you will be taken to where there are more to choices.These bags get RAVE reviews. Great for carry on. The small one is a ruck sack that fits into the big one when you don't need it. Very well made. There are penguin designs too. 27 out of 31 people gave this 4 or 5 star Amazon ratings.

Be Prepared


You may be thinking that it's OK for us because we only have one child to think of. I accept that that is easier, however, there are times when a playmate would come in very handy! We have found many ways of having fun, even when it rains on our parade!

And boy did it rain... very hard for three whole days. We, of course, prepared for Easter heat.

This is my son modelling his newly bought plastic poncho. We bought one each, all baby blue, well it was either that or pink! In the end we were even forced to wear our crocs and shorts under the ponchos, making it look as though we had forgotten our trousers! Not very elegant. Even the tourists laughed, but that was the only way we could keep going without getting totally drenched and admit defeat.

The unexpected always happens and so that's when my 'be prepared' mantra comes into its own!

It's important that they're comfortable

takeoutBaby Travel Pillow for Children Adjustable
takeoutBaby Travel Pillow for Children Adjustable
My son always falls asleep when he is a car so I have a seat belt pillow in the back for his comfort when we're driving long distances. Sitting at the back can get very boring and therefore tiring. So, if he's comfortable, sleep will set in more easily. I have picked out a lovely travel pillow for a younger child because it gets very good Amazon customer reviews. There are others on, and if you click on this one, you'll be taken to their site where you can browse.9 out of 9 people gave this a 4 or 5 star Amazon rating. The padding is only at the front of this pillow, so when the child falls asleep his/her head rests on that and it is much more comfortable. It stops the head from slumping or rocking from side to side.

These guys know how to keep Busy

Looking for food in the north of Scotland
Looking for food in the north of Scotland | Source

Scotland - Having the time of our lives!

We are looking for crabs, limpets, mussels, and edible seaweed - anything that would keep us alive if we were stranded on an island! We had read up about how to survive in the wild, and we're having a great time playing at shipwrecked sailors. Whatever the place, it offers so much more if you are well prepared. A child and adult having great fun!

A quiz for the kids or anyone else!

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Journals for Teens

I Was Here: A Travel Journal for the Curious Minded (Travel Journal for Women and Men, Travel Journal for Kids, Travel Journal with Prompts)
I Was Here: A Travel Journal for the Curious Minded (Travel Journal for Women and Men, Travel Journal for Kids, Travel Journal with Prompts)
This is a very easy thing to organize as a family evening activity, and gives you a very special way of re-living your holiday when you're back home. As the days pass your kids will see themselves writing a lovely book about the holiday. Keeping a journal isn't just for kids or just for adults. It is a real family activity that is fun to do together. We sit around in the evening, chatting and drawing pictures of something we each loved about the day we just had. We then stick all the pictures up around the place we are staying in, and then bring them home as souvenirs. Now we can look back over the years and have a real laugh looking at our old pictures and remembering such happy times. Here's an example of a journal that will suit even teenagers. It's full of creative ideas. It gets good reviews. 8 out of 10 people gave this 4 or 5 star ratings.

© 2012 Giovanna


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