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Top 10s on Maui

Updated on June 1, 2015
Makena Beach
Makena Beach

Top Ten Beaches On Maui

Makena Beach: beautiful long, and wide sandy beach, nice views of Molokini and Kahoolawe. 

Kapalua Bay: this beach was once voted best beach of the world, perfect view of Molokai. 

Kaanapali Coast (Hanakaoo Beach): long and wide sandy beach, nice for swimming and watching people. 

Ulua-Mokapu; close to Wailea, ideal for swimming and snorkeling, good facilities. 

Wainapanapa (Black Sand Beach): at the end of the Road to Hana, much to explore and unique setting. 

Hamoa Beach: Marc Twain thinks it is the ‘best beach in the Pacific'. 

Wailea Beach: located in front of the Grand Wailea and Four Seasons Hotel, manly used by hotel guests but open to the public. 

Hookipa Beach: best windsurfing bay in Hawaii! 

Kaihalulu Beach (Red Sand Beach): difficult to access but the effort is worth it, the red sand is a result of a red volcanic cinder cone. 

La Perouse Bay: only accessible via hiking, segregated bay, where you can find some old ruins! 

Top 10 Free Things to Do on Maui

Free Hula Show at the Kaanapali Beach Hotel: located on West Maui, this hotel is situated directly on the miles long Kaanapali beach!

Free vacation quote from Go Pacific - get your online vacation price in 2 minutes or less with our package calculator ! 

Try Maui Brewed Beer: For only $2.50 you can get a sample of all 5 beers brewed in Hawaii, located on the second floor of the Kaahumaunu Shopping Center. 

Wine tasting at Tedeschi Winery: the only winery on Hawaii, it is located in Maui’s upcountry – free guided tours between 9.30am and 2.30pm. 

Whale watching from the beach: sometimes you don’t have to book a whale watching tour to see them. The Kaanapali coast and Kapalua Bay are perfect spots to look out for whales. 

Visit a Botanical Garden: for a small admission fee you can visit the Kula Botanical Gardens, which features a large collection of native plants and flowers. 

Public Tennis Courts: Public tennis courts are freely accessible. 

All Beaches: it is Hawaii law, that all beaches are freely accessible. 

Watch Pro Windsurfers in Hookipa: join the race or observe the pro take the challenge! 

Whale Museums at Whaler’s Village Shopping Center: located on the Kaanapali Coast, the museums give you a good insight into the whaling business and the evolution of the whales.

Top 10 Hikes on Maui

Iao Valley: walk around the small valley and visit the Maui landmark, you can also take a swim in a fresh water pool.

Hike to Kaihalulu Beach: a 3.5 mile-hike to the red sand beach. Can be hazardous, but it is worth it!

Trails at La Perouse Bay: at this bay you can explore the area, there are still some ruins to see, where a lava stream destroyed a whole village.

Kula and Upcountry Trails: see the cattle ranches or visit a local farm, the life in the upcountry is different from the beach and surfer life! Check it out!

Hana Waianapanapa Coastal Trail: you can hike over lava fields and explore the Wainapanapa caves, the black sand beach, and to ancient Hawaiian burial sites.

Waihee Ridge Trail: the trail leads you into the Iao Valley and through a tropical setting. Mark Twain called the park ‘the Yosemite of the Pacific’.

Sacred 7 pools: outside Hana town, you can hike up to some wonderful waterfalls and take a swim in these tropical fresh water pools.

Maui Tropical Plantation: you can explore the 50 acres of this nice agricultural park. It displays Hawaiian plants, fruits, and vegetables.

Haleakala National Park : Hike to the bottom of the crater and explore the moonlike surfaces - several day hikes are possible !

Top 10 Travel Tips

Factor in some contingency time when planning your journey to the airport

If there's a choice to be made, always take the aisle seat on the aeroplane.You can stand up easily to get your bag from the overhead compartment, or go to the toilet.

Bring headphones/music player for the flight. It's so hard to fall asleep with the drone coming from the engines.

Pack a book and 2 other entertainments for the flight.

Do some planning - you'll get more from your trip if you research your destination beforehand.

When you arrive at Maui, look out for any discarded stuff at the airport - last time I managed to retrieve 2 boogie boards - which provided brilliant fun for the rest of the vacation.

Be careful - know where your valuables are at all times, and do not wear an expensive watch or jewellry.

Avoid tourist traps - the local bar just off the main tourist street is often a lot less pricey!

Lastly enjoy yourself, - you're on vacation!


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