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A freelance writer with many interests. Currently earning a living from my writing and would love to travel the world some day!

NOTE: I have regular clients that I write for full-time now, which leaves me less time to devote to HubPages. But I will try my best to update whenever I have some spare time because this is my favourite site to write for!

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Here are some of my favourite hubs:

Marjuana - Is It Really as Bad as They Make Out?

Palmistry - What Do Your Hands Say About You?

How To Get Your Voice Heard By Professionals:Top Tips to Get a Record Deal

Build Your Own Solar Panels to Save the Universe and Save You Money

Travelling Australia: How to Earn and Fund your Travels in Oz

4 of the Most Intriguing Mysteries, Myths & Stories of Shipwrecks in the Ocean

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      • My efforts on HubPages are not paying off

        My efforts on HubPages are not paying off

        5 years ago

        Hey guys,Just wanted to get a little advice. Basically I've been writing frequently on HubPages for 10 months and have produced over 50 hubs with high quality information, links, relevant Amazon and Ebay ads and plenty...

      • R.I.P Amy Winehouse

        R.I.P Amy Winehouse

        6 years ago

        I'm sure you've all heard about this sad, sad news. She was a music legend and although we may remember her for her troubled life, this story really hit me hard and got me quite upset. She was obviously very desperate...

      • Yay!!! 1000!!!

        Yay!!! 1000!!!

        6 years ago

        My hubs have gained 1000 views, yay! To some of you this may have been something you hit a long time ago, but I'm just starting to see results from working on HubPages and I am so glad I have hit another milestone!Go...

      • Can you put affiliate links into your hubs?

        Can you put affiliate links into your hubs?

        6 years ago

        Hey guys. Well, i didn't think you could until I read an aritcle on here about linking pieces of text in a hub to the affiliate links of Clickbank products, etc. I thought I'd ask, because I do a little affiliate...

      • Newbie!


        6 years ago

        Hey all! My name is Bethan Rose and I am new to HubPages.I have a passion for writing and also have other dreams I wish to pursue, which include running my own business.Currently I have only published 2 hubs as I am...