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My writing name is 2uesday. I write about subjects that I care about, the things that I have some knowledge about and would like to share.

Some of my pages here are on recipes and gardening. I grow my own fruit and vegetables as well as having a flower garden.

I know about flowering garden plants because they have always interested me. I have a fruit and vegetable plot and the produce is used for healthy home cooked meals. Sometimes when you have a large plot to take care of it is a battle to keep the weeds in check. I am not a 'formal' gardener and I let the boundaries of the plot go a bit wild for the creatures to inhabit. I grow my fruit and vegetables organic style, no use of weedkillers or insecticides. The birds sometimes help themselves to some of the fruits, but they were there before I took over the plot, so it might be me that is raiding their larder.

I write short stories. I have a seperate account for my short stories but I have a couple of them left on this account.  I have a blog style website for very short stories which has proved to be popular in the past. All my work is my own and therefore may not be copied and used elsewhere on websites etc.   

HubPages was the first place I shared my online writing so the experience of writing here has been useful to me. 

I have two wonderful and hard working grown up kids who I am proud of. They try to help me to keep up to date with technlogy and other ideas, well as much as possible. That means they are very tactful and kind when having to explain things that are obvious (i.e. but not always obvious to me).

post script:

Recently, I have been unable to write new Hubs but maybe one day I will be able to return to writing and to adding to the slection of pages that I have left here.



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