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I am a person who loves to travel and making friends worldwide.

Believe in giving a helping hand whenever help is needed. If you wish to change your life, do believe in yourself and the blessing of Thai Buddha. It will help you to make your life different as it has helped to change my life.

Site where you can rent Thai amulet @ http://www.yain.com

 I have also practised the traditional Feng Shui application in my daily life and surprisingly, it has helped my family & me for many years as I can recall. Feng Shui is something that many may not believe in and regarded as superstitious. But to me, if you can change your life and get results with simply arrangements and directions, why not try since it has no harm but benefits?

Basic Feng Shui allows beginners to learn and apply simple applications that will result some good changes in life. Try it and you will know what I am saying. Hope that it can help to change your life and enjoy living.

Gyuto Center Charity Fundraising Event

Sunday, October 7, 2012
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Please join us for our first charity fundraising event to raise money for Himalayan Tibetan children's education and healthcare. We hope to raise $10,000 or more for the villagers who Ven. Donyo will be visiting again this November 2012. For Ven. Donyo's previous visit, members and friends generously made donations allowing the Gyuto Charity Project to set up scholarships for eight children and now we would like be able to give out more scholarships to other children in the village.

Find out more about Gyuto Center Charity Fundraising Event to contribute within your means for helping these children.

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  • Luang Poo Yiam Famous Thai Monk

    Luang Poo Yiam Famous Thai Monk

    2 years ago

    LP Yiam was famous for making the Kreung Rahng and rian Thai amulets that comes with magical powers. He was the monk who had made the Great Five Rians. Those who had rented his amulets will have the power of good...