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I am an old man wanting to do what I believe I have to do to fulfill the duty of any man, which is to pass on our own life experiences to future generations, about our modified views of life and also religious beliefs.

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  • Religions and religious leaders

    Religions and religious leaders

    3 months ago

    Talking about religions and the need that we have for religions, what religions can do for us, some religious mistakes of the past and present, some comparison about religions.

  • Christian religions and life

    Christian religions and life

    4 months ago

    Here again we are talking about religions and how they affects our lives, we talk about epiphany and other religious things, and also how this modern pope Francis is guiding his religion.

  • Christmas is coming soon

    Christmas is coming soon

    5 months ago

    We talk about Christmas and the importance of this event in the western religious world, we hope that the rest of the world would copy us, since it brings positive things to humanity.

  • Religious function today

    Religious function today

    5 months ago

    We are talking about religions and what it does to humanity, we are talking about the pope and his leadership and how it compares to other religious groups and other religious things.

  • Our religious writing review

    Our religious writing review

    5 months ago

    We are continuing to write more religious articles, hoping that we can connect our religious articles better, because we believe that they deserve more attention, and keep our hub pages site active.

  • New religious setup

    New religious setup

    30 hours ago

    Religion and philosophy discussions, aimed at reviewing religions, this could be the continuation of our religious articles, but its aim is to make them more readers friendly by shortening them.

  • To save the world

    To save the world

    3 days ago

    In these religious articles we are trying to suggest that there are ways that the world could be saved from unnecessary sufferings, if religions are modified.

  • God is crying

    God is crying

    4 days ago

    I feel that my God is crying, because of what is happening in the world today, as there are some maniac that like to kill and they want to kill in God's name.

  • Spiritual universe

    Spiritual universe

    10 days ago

    Believing in God and religions is our nature, we cannot escape it because it is our own ways of thinking that brings us to believe in God and spirituality, so we would be better off to accept them.

  • Religious theory

    Religious theory

    4 months ago

    This religious theory is based on the facts that man needs God and religions, so there is this need to review the existing world religions in such a way that they would be able to serve humanity.

  • Praying for God love

    Praying for God love

    2 weeks ago

    Praying for God love we have called this hub, because we know that if we love God and follow God, then God will love and help us, we must stay with God since that is the only way for God to help us

  • Flood in the days of Noah

    Flood in the days of Noah

    2 weeks ago

    Did this flood in the days of Noah really happen? because there are reasons to believe that if it did it was not as universal as it is reported in the Bible, here are some of the facts.

  • God Of The Universe

    God Of The Universe

    2 months ago

    This is our theory of God of the Universe within the life cycle of the universe; God is the positive and constructive life force that guides the universe residing at the center or at the top of it.