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I am an old man wanting to do what I believe I have to do to fulfill the duty of any man, which is to pass on our own life experiences to future generations, about our modified views of life and also religious beliefs.

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  • God head of the spiritual world

    God head of the spiritual world

    15 hours ago

    Here we are using our own imagination how God of the universe could be like, and how this God would work guiding all the spiritual life energies of the universe.

  • Man needs and God

    Man needs and God

    3 months ago

    Here are some religious discussions that could help link our previous religious hubs to the existing religious somehow, because our religious theory is not following the existing religions.

  • To save the world

    To save the world

    8 weeks ago

    In these religious articles we are trying to suggest that there are ways that the world could be saved from unnecessary sufferings, if religions are modified.

  • God is crying

    God is crying

    3 months ago

    I feel that my God is crying, because of what is happening in the world today, as there are some maniac that like to kill and they want to kill in God's name.

  • Religious theory

    Religious theory

    2 months ago

    This religious theory is based on the facts that man needs God and religions, so there is this need to review the existing world religions in such a way that they would be able to serve humanity.

  • Nature of the Universe and earth

    Nature of the Universe and earth

    3 months ago

    In a very simplified way we are describing God and the nature of the universe, and then describe how God spiritual world could exist according to our beliefs in order to reconcile religions.

  • Prayers of Reconciliation

    Prayers of Reconciliation

    2 months ago

    Prayers of Reconciliation, I come to you praying Father Most High and eternal life giver of every living thing, I am praying thee for forgiveness of my sins and reconciliation.. People prayers to God.