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I am an amateur author who has seen enough beauty and pain in the world to write novels until the day I die. I am someone who believes that the challenges of life exist simply to be overcome; that human beings DO possess the ability to be good, and kind; and that nature is the sole place in which a person can truly re-center themselves. 

My name is Jennifer, and these are my thoughts. 

I am fascinated by the inner-workings of the world. I am more than capable of staying up until four or five in the morning, reading a book about a culture residing on the other side of the world. I love music, and the vexing powers it exacts on us. I hold two college degrees, both in Human Psychology; I understand people more than I'd like to.  

I believe that there are too few people in the world that refuse to judge others. I have yet to see firsthand an act of kindness that brings tears to my eyes, but I await it patiently nevertheless. I am strong, and independent, if only because I have to be. 

I simply hope to inspire people to be better. 


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