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I have been with hub.com for four years and I primarily write about politics and social issues. It has been an acedemic as well as personal interest of mine for many years. If you are interested in viewing any of my topics please do so and leave a comment. Often the discussions I receive on my hubs allows me to gain insight on what the reader wants when reading political or socially themed articles.

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  • Put the Fork Down

    Put the Fork Down

    2 weeks ago

    I am going to preface what I’m about to write here by emphatically stating, “I am fat!” I am not pleasingly plump nor am I chubby, big-boned or born with the ever elusive “Fat Gene.”

  • A Taste for Tea

    A Taste for Tea

    2 weeks ago

    We may love our java here in the states but more Americans are choosing tea to be their eye-opener. The total amount of tea consumed in the United states daily is a staggering 1.42 million pounds.

  • Political solution? Why not try?

    Political solution? Why not try?

    2 weeks ago

    As an Independent voter I seek bipartisan agendas to make our government work in a consistent manner. In-fighting between our two major parties prevents anything from changing.

  • Possession Fact or Fiction?

    Possession Fact or Fiction?

    15 months ago

    Suggestion or Possession? This hub takes a look at spiritual, psychological and tragic consequences that are the results of exorcisms.

  • Method of Madness-The Lebensborn Initiative

    Method of Madness-The Lebensborn Initiative

    4 years ago

    In 1935 the first Lebensborn home was established in Germany. In the pursuit of a perfect Nordic nation children were given to the state. The effects of these homes still resonate today.

  • Shopping at Walmart.

    Shopping at Walmart.

    2 weeks ago

    A satirical look at the Walmart shopping experience. Content may contain some adult themes but if you shop at Walmart you can handle it!

  • Racism, Stereotyping, or Racial Profiling?

    Racism, Stereotyping, or Racial Profiling?

    2 weeks ago

    In today's social climate it is really import to clearly define these terms. Things are getting worse instead of better.