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My name is Mike and I am a New Zealander now living in the United States. I enjoy writing about rugby, movies and music and am also interested in property investment and travel. I operate a rugby blog called RugbyFix.

You can find more of my articles at Wizzley. My user name is Mike_W.

I first began writing hubs two years ago as a way of providing backlinks to my blogs. However, I soon realised I actually enjoy writing hubs more and began to put a lot more effort into them than my other sites. What I enjoy about it is that I can write about anything I want, whether it is Sherlock Holmes, Film Soundtracks or even Zombies, and I don't need to worry about having a particular website for that subject.

I have over 50 hubs now, but I still have a long way to go. I'm definitely not a prolific hub writer. I go through bursts, but I tend not to write about something unless I'm really inspired - then I really go for it. Generally these are movie hubs, rugby union hubs and I went through a stage when I wrote a lot of zombie stuff.

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