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Hi there, I'm a lot of things, and done a lot of things. From operating haunted houses as a teenager, to working into the rolling hills of Montana to get that darn Geology degree, to writing and self publishing a lot of short stories and novellas, I found my interests are varied in a nutty sense. But one thing remained constant. I always loved writing. I have tons of my nerdy book reviews to share with the world. I love film and I fell the under rated and much loved short film genre may get some reviews as well. But most of all I want to do some research and keep my brain sharp in my field of study. So don't be so surprised to see a article here and there about the plate tecttonics of Mars, or geological environment under the ice of Antarctica Right now I want to share all this with the wilds of the internet, and make some shiny pennies in the process, but mostly share with the world what I have to offer.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy what is here.

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