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I love languages, just every aspect of them.

Exploring new cultures and traditions are a passion of mine.

I enjoy writing and reading great articles/blogs. I admire music because it makes me happy and enjoy myself.

I want to become a successful journalist/reporter so I am hoping that I will benefit from posting hubs and your feedback.

Please read my hubs and I hope you enjoy them.



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  • Top 10 K-Pop Songs to make you feel positive

    Top 10 K-Pop Songs to make you feel positive

    14 months ago

    Top 10 K-Pop songs that will make you feel positive about yourself. These songs are packed with lyrics that infuse positivity and encourage you to feel better when you are feeling down.

  • KPop vs JPop

    KPop vs JPop

    14 months ago

    Okay, so I am guessing nearly 80% of you know what KPop is and what it stands for. You know, Gangnam Style? Yeah? If you're one of those who do not know, well K stands for Korean and Pop is a music genre. Combined...

  • Hangeul in less than 2 hours?!!!

    Hangeul in less than 2 hours?!!!

    8 months ago

    I am sharing my experience and methods I used to learn Hangeul. You'll be able to realise how simple and easy it is to read and write Korean in no time! Ways and techniques to achieve learning Hangeul are provided. Hope...

  • J-Drama


    14 months ago

    Personal insight and opinion on J-dramas. My own experience and suggestions on my currently most favourite J-drama's.