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Hello Everyone! My name is Anna Wiley, I have two beautiful little girls Sally-Ann,4 and Chloe, 2. My husband and I live in Northeast Indiana. I decided to start a blog geared toward families dealing with SPD. My daughter, Chloe, was diagnosed with SPD about 2 months ago and I have been documenting different techniques and issues we have been having and thought that it would be great to get some exposure and bring awareness to this disorder. Families dealing with a child that has SPD can find it difficult to find support groups, ideas, activites, daycare, and schools that are willing to learn and understand. I know that many people in our family and our friends network had never heard of the disorder. I found myself explaining and becoming an advocate in our own area but I still want to bring more awareness to this disorder, because many times it can be misdiagnosised and/or the child is put on medication instead of engaging the child in much needed therapy that will allow the child to work through and gain the confidence he/she will need to push forward and deal with their disorder.

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