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Do you think that analog photography was more charming than digital photography?

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Suzette Walker suzettetaos (suzettenaples) says

3 years ago
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  • Lance E Stella (landjassoc) 2 years ago

    Both have their place, but, having worked with both, digital is less expensive and far less messy. Additionally, digital offers plenty opportunity to "work with" the individual shot and print it in both color and black and white.

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michaelatman says

3 years ago
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  • bredies profile image

    Lawrence Bredenkamp (bredies) 3 years ago

    Digital darkroom? Please explain or are we talking photo shop or similar to change the picture taken by the artist.

    I do think that is an entirely different thing to seeing, composing and exposing the shot. But would love to learn more.

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Lawrence Bredenkamp (bredies) says

3 years ago
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