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How many hours can you have off between shifts?

My sister told me she was scheduled to work 13 hours yesterday and then has to work another 10 today, with only 6 hours break between both shifts. I've always been told you're supposed to have at least 8 hours between shifts so that you can rest. Is that true or is it based on whatever the company's policy is?

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Anastasia Kingsley (EuroCafeAuLait) says

4 years ago
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Chuck Fox says

4 years ago
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    Patty Inglish (Patty Inglish, MS) 4 years ago

    As a restaurant chain mgr, I had 3-4 hrs off between 12-hour+ shifts at times. During an annual Football Rivalry, I worked 48 hrs straight. T'was b4 Internet, so it took me longer to find I was paid below the minimum rate for the job and left it.

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