Making Sales with the Amazon Affiliate Program

How I came to love selling with Amazon

I want to tell you a little about myself and my experiences to date before I go into the nitty gritty of making sales with amazon. I personally like to know a bit about a person who is giving me advice and feel that I should offer what I like to receive. If you are not really all that bothered and want to go straight to the nitty gritty please feel free to scroll down to tip one

Earning an income with affiliate programs can be a difficult venture and it can be a steep learning curve. An affiliate program like google ad sense might seem like an easier venture assuming you can write enough articles and bring in enough traffic you are likely to see some earnings.

When I first started writing on hub pages I very quickly got discouraged with trying to sell products with amazon and focused primarily on information pages. After many months I made my first amazon sale and I started to see more clearly a strategy for making those sales and making some good money.

My focus has now shifted toward writing about products and I do find it to be lots of fun finding a range of different products to write about in the hopes for a sale. From big ticket items to smaller gift ideas it can be a real rush when you hit on a good seller.

If you would like to sign up now and try your hand at writing a few hubs (you can market your own websites with these articles as well as earning with them directly) please feel free to sign up now.

Step one - Your Layout

When I made my first amazon sale through Hub Pages I caught the amazon bug! I started picking the brains of those members who are well known for being very successful with amazon. One tip I read over and over was to do with the layout of a product hub. The exact formula for where and how to place ads does not exist but then again each product hub with sales text is going to be different anyway. Advertisement placement feels like a bit of an art for me.

Depending on the item (items) I am promoting and the length of text I write will effect how many advertisements I place on my hubs and where. I try to make sure that there is always an advertisement visible just in case the reader has read enough and is ready to buy. One thing people advise on writing hubs in general is to include pictures, as people like nice pictures. I like to find amazon products with a nice image and use the ad (containing that image) in the way I might use a picture, the reader has a nice image and they could buy it.

When placing your ads you have a few options. If you have a long block of text you are wise to place a few items to the right, running down the side of the text. For a very product orientated hub you will even want the product you are reviewing at the top of the page, if you think a layout is not going over well with your readers you can always edit layout. I have yet to decide which is better, an ad at the top (before the text) or right aligned next to text, one item for a smaller block of text, many for a long block of text. 

I do write pretty long blocks of text but I try not to. The reason is that you can get a better feel and look to the page if you can break your text up, this will allow you to break up the ads throughout you article. A hub can actually have lots of ads and still look nice. Lots of ads increase the chances of making a sale and a good layout means your page is still attractive to the reader. 

Attract Traffic You Can Sell To

When publishing content online its all about the traffic. Everyone and their mother want more traffic. I want more traffic too. Who doesn't want to be seen and read right? We know traffic is important for a number of reasons. Good things happen to sites that get good traffic consistently, even a site that is not selling earns more from more traffic.

This said I do not worry to much about traffic on product hubs. Why? Well this is because I want people who read my product hubs to have an interest in buying from them after reading (or half way through). I personally know many people who do not like being sold to and will click the back button when presented with heavy advertising. Why bother with that type of traffic when you are selling? When I write a fun hub or an information based hub then yes I go for all the traffic I can get.

This is not to say that I don't practice any SEO when planning and writing a hub, I do just as much for a product hub as any other. What I will do different is to add the words buy to the title so that anyone who comes to read a product hub already knows that I am writing about something they can buy. There are many people who will click on a buy this article happily, either because they don't mind being sold to or they didn't notice. 

One thing I have done and want to do a lot more of to get relevant traffic is to link up hubs more. What I mean is to break one hub into many. I recently thought I might be able to get some traffic in the Pink Laptop niche. While looking at products and sub-niches I started seeing the potential to write several hubs. So the one hub idea turned into many, Pink Laptop Skins, a great laptop for kids from Disney and last a Pink Laptop Sleeve hub (more are in the works currently). My strategy here is to get these hubs sharing traffic. 

I started with pink laptops and realized that this is an expensive item and a hard sale. If I convert one or two sales a year I will be tickled pink! I did think that a potential reader may already have a computer or may be looking for something second hand with say eBay (I am not an affiliate with them, sadly). On finding out about laptop skins I realized that they would be a great solution for someone wanting a pink laptop who already has one. Imagine a reader finds it and thinks they want one but... well they can see a link in the hub to pink laptop skins and may go over there to have a read.

What I am getting at is when you have a niche you think you could do well with break it down. Are there individual products to review? (I am not done reviewing individual pink laptops) What about accessories to the main product, can they be made into a hub or several hubs? Have a bit of fun when going through the products with amazon (you may get an idea for a hub based on them, I did when writing this hub). The larger group of hubs you have on a topic the better the chances for dominating that niche (even if thats just within hub pages). You will want to link your hubs, don't forget!

Writing an Amazon Hub

I have the fortuitous talent for talking a lot, in life its hard to get me to shut up! I take this talent for chattering away on most any subject and turn it to writing. If I felt the product was pretty awesome I can put together enough text to create a hub. If you are not so blessed with the gift of gab then you are going to need to ask yourself as many questions about the product as you can.

What are the specifications for the item? What does it do that a reader might want to know? Read the product description in amazon, some have a lot of information you could be inspired by. Does the process that got you thinking about writing about this item have a story you could share? Perhaps you decided to write a hub because you bought one yourself, or one for a family member. Use that as you may find readers connect with you in a friendly way (also it pads out the text).

Use all available resources. If while writing about some item you wonder if it can do this or that, FIND OUT. Chances are your readers may wonder the same thing. If you can address their question before they have ask it then you look good. Can you see a problem with the item and more importantly can you fix that problem easily? These are things that might be of real help to your reader and means you are doing more then just selling, you are also helping.

No to people will write the same and that is why I don't worry about you guys taking my ideas and advice and becoming competition (if my writing isn't good enough then I need to keep improving). If you feel inspired to write something but are unsure if its good 'sales' text, don't worry about it! If you feel inspired to write something that positive energy will come across for most readers and may get them excited too. Anything that helps you to share you excitement with your readers is going to help.

Making Sales with Amazon

My last thoughts on getting sales with amazon are pretty simple and yet seem hard, mostly because being patient is not easy for me. Patience and persistence are virtues that I am becoming stronger with. My first hubs were a lot of how to hubs. I might write about something I know how to do and place relevant products that you will need to do whatever it is.

My first sale came from just such a hub, my wood carving hub. It took about 5 months to make a sale! Eeeep! When it sold it was not a big sale, a few wood carving knives. I did find myself wanting to learn more now that I had actually made a sale. My next selling hub was a bit of brilliance. I saw a lot of hype around the movie Avatar and wrote a hub about Avatar stuff (collectibles). I got real lucky and hit the market before to many people were trying to sell Avatar stuff and I made quite a few sales with that one. I do not expect it to make big sales forever and I will do it again in a heart beat when I see another trendy type product to promote. Keep your eye on what is up and coming in popular culture, I sure am!

My latest hub to convert has been my celtic jewelry hub and this is the type of hub that I want lots and lots of. It may not be a hot item seller but it should continue to make sales for years to come. It's a long term seller. This hub is not a high traffic hub but the traffic it pulls in seems to convert to amazon clicks very nicely. This is what I am going for, steady clicks to amazon. Some traffic will take ages to actually buy as they want to talk to their spouse about it and this may mean your cookie timer runs out for the affiliate sale. Some people will want to buy but decide to look at the amazon competition to find a better price, nothing you can do about that. 

For myself I find that I can consistently see a conversion of 1 in 50 clicks turning into sales. It has happened that that one person went on a little shopping spree creating a larger conversion rate in amazon but the fact is one in fifty seem to buy after clicking my ads. My SEO skills are not good enough to drive 50 people or more a day to amazon from one hub. If I was running a product blog I would aim for it to do just that. With hubs it seems like a different strategy will work to create the same effect. Instead of one blog with so many posts it can bring in that level of traffic I have many self standing hubs and aim to have many more.

Writing hubs to generate sales is a very future based way of thinking about your marketing. I do not worry to much about past hubs (or I try not to anyway!). Hubs can take time to mature and have authority. A good long term hub might not make a sale right away, this doesn't mean that it wont pay well over the years to come (especially if it draws in high value sales or even a spending spree from a reader). If I were to allow worries about this or that hub and why it has not got people through the amazon door I would be more likely to look at making it a part of a series of hubs, assuming that my keywords all look good and the text is not rife with errors. 

When making consistent sales with amazon you need to have quality hubs, you need lots and lots of them. Quality plus quantity should be your aim, don't favor one over the other. Quality+Quantity=sales. The best bit is that as you write more and more hubs your quality of writing should improve all the time. If you must worry about something worry about what to write next not what you have already written. When you have enough hubs that do bring traffic to amazon and you are seeing lots of sales you can always go back and take a look at your first hubs to see if you have learned something that could be applied to your 'green' hubs.

Sign Up Today!

I did write this hub for the community of hub pages and it is very centered on making amazon sales with writing hubs. I do not really expect this hub to make sales and the ads are for illustration purposes (feel free to buy anyway if something takes your fancy!).

If you are not currently a writer here at Hub Pages signing up is easy and the community of writers is like no other. I would encourage you to sign up today and join a great community of writers! You can write for fun and for profit. Sign up is easy and you can write straight away! Sign up here: Hub Pages Sign Up.

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EmpressFelicity profile image

EmpressFelicity 7 years ago from Kent, England, UK

Very informative and entertaining too! I made my first Amazon sale recently so I've been writing a few Amazon-oriented hubs recently as well.

kirstenblog profile image

kirstenblog 7 years ago from London UK Author

Hi EmpressFelicity! I hope you got a few ideas for things you can try with your hubs. It is pretty amazing when you get your first few sales. Once you have made a few you will most likely feel really confident about writing product hubs and know that it's not just a fluke. All the best to you my friend and thanks for reading :D

profile image

trose 7 years ago

Great information here! I will try to take your advice and do some of the things you mentioned here.

What do you do for keywords on your product hubs? Do you research that area also before deciding to write a hub on that product? OR have you seen a lot of success without worrying about keywords?

Thanks for the information here! Great to see you have some success! :)

kirstenblog profile image

kirstenblog 7 years ago from London UK Author

Hi trose, thanks for the read and great question! I do use the keyword tool but mostly so that I have an idea how people are most likely to find my page. The thing about the keyword tool is that it tells you what was not what will be. With my avatar hub I didn't think to much about the keyword tool as it is not likely to reflect the spike in traffic to come when the movie is released (which it is now). If you gut tells you that something should sell, I say listen to it! Trends come and go, and sometimes come back again! (look at bellbottoms, those keep coming back haha!). I tend to worry about keywords if I am writing an information based hub (a how to type hub) and the habit does happen with product hubs but if my gut says go for it and the keyword tool says its not popular I go with my gut. You may have to be more patient when writing to a trend you predict to happen and a hub usually needs time to mature before you have a good idea of what its traffic will be anyway. Try writing for summer buying before spring, that way its there and ready to go when people start looking for summer fun ideas online :) You want your christmas hubs up before the shops start displaying christmas stuff. I just try to keep myself thinking about future trends not current or past trends (unless I really want to cause it will be fun).

lorlie6 profile image

lorlie6 7 years ago from Bishop, Ca

kirsten-all I can say is "Wow!" I've been with Amazon for a couple of weeks and am absolutely sure I am not using it properly. Before reading this, I became quite discouraged.

This is an extremely informative Hub, and I thank you for rekindling my interest!!

kirstenblog profile image

kirstenblog 7 years ago from London UK Author

Hi lorlie6! I hope to have helped out out. I think the biggest thing to try is being patient (don't check your account daily to start with) and write about all the stuff you would love to buy yourself. If you can't help yourself and go to check your amazon affiliate page try not to worry about ordered items, just the rate of traffic you are getting through the door. If you can get a few people a day you are already on your way to making a sale. Once you get one you may well get hooked! All the best hun :D

CMHypno profile image

CMHypno 7 years ago from Other Side of the Sun

Hi Kirsten, very informative Hub on making Amazon sales, and I need to put some that info into practice! The only thing I have sold on US Amazon this month is a second-hand Maori phrase-book!!!!

WriteAngled profile image

WriteAngled 7 years ago from Treorci, Cymru

Very useful info, thank you.

juneaukid profile image

juneaukid 7 years ago from Denver, Colorado

Very informative! I'll give it try on a very modest scale first on a product I know something about. Thank you

kirstenblog profile image

kirstenblog 7 years ago from London UK Author

CMHypno - A Maori phrase book, thats neat! I have thought of moving to NZ. I am glad to have given you a few ideas to try. Keep publishing quality hubs on great products and you should see those sales increase in the months to come!

WriteAngled - Thanks for the read! Glad I could help :)

Juneaukid - Writing about stuff you know is a great way to go! You should be able to give some great advice on what it can do to improve life. I recently bought some freeloaders and think they are pretty amazing, I may do a video showing off the versatility that could be added to a hub about freeloaders. Before we bought our freeloaders we did quite a lot of research and a hub might have come in handy, no reason not to share what we know. I am glad to have inspired you to give it a try, I hope you have some fun writing it (that is the best strategy really).

Jen's Solitude profile image

Jen's Solitude 7 years ago from Delaware

Thank you very much for sharing your know-how so willingly. I appreciate the education you have provided.

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 7 years ago

Amazon is not available for those in NC as I am. Go figure.

profile image

poetlorraine 7 years ago

this is a great hub. I have never made any money here, and i am about to give up to be honest, i will take a look at some of your hubs....

wrenfrost56 profile image

wrenfrost56 7 years ago from U.K.

Lot's of useful information here KB, it will help lot's of people, including me! :)

kirstenblog profile image

kirstenblog 7 years ago from London UK Author

Jen's Solitude - Thanks for reading. I enjoy sharing what I know and have learnt in my time here on HP. I hope you have had a few ideas for future hubs because of this hub.

Micky Dee - Amazon is really loosing out by not offering affiliates in certain states for tax reasons, it kinda sucks for that! I have seen a few star affiliates dropped due to their location, not good for amazon and very good for their competitors. I would love to see another affiliate supported on HP for people such as yourself :(

laswi profile image

laswi 7 years ago from Sri Lanka

Very useful hub. Thanks for sharing.

hypnodude profile image

hypnodude 7 years ago from Italy

Well done Kirsten, and I've applied some of your advices to my Five Minutes Workout hub right now. I'll keep you informed how it goes. Very good advices. Rated and stumbled. :)

DanPowers profile image

DanPowers 7 years ago from Tokyo

Some great information here - thanks! I've been an Amazon Associate since 1999 but I've only earned $150 in total - that MUST change!!!

TnFlash profile image

TnFlash 7 years ago from Tampa, Florida

Great Hub! I've learned a lot here. I've been putting Amazon ads on my Hubs and sold nothing. I've been blaming the 24 hour cookie. I'm going to follow you ideas. Up-rated and bookmarked.

kirstenblog profile image

kirstenblog 7 years ago from London UK Author

poetlorraine - I am glad you left your comment. I went and had a look at 2 of your hubs that caught my eye from your profile. I had a few ideas that you might use to better monitize these hubs as right now they are only linked to google ad sense and probably not getting huge value clicks. If they get good traffic the could be your source for inspiration.

The first one is This one caught my eye because I too have a natural talent for craft work. I thought it would suit me nicely and I might learn a new craft art. I got something I didn't expect from reading it. You talk about how once you bought this sissix machine you were able to use it in your career and it was more of an investment then simply a bit of fun. A how to hub on turning your hobby into a main part of your career hub would likely help loads of people like us. On top of that I expected to see amazon ads for this machine or the supply packages you use to create your own cards. You might want to think about showing off some cool craft supplies that could get a person started doing what has been so beneficial to you. You might be able to take the ideas in this one hub and turn it into a series all about making your own cards and how to use that skill to pay the bills. You might want to use keywords like make your own cards or sissix in google keyword tool to find a few related keywords (don't worry to much about the traffic numbers for now).

The second hub was This one reminded me of a poem that I saw in the homes of friends and family who were particularly religious and spiritual. The poem was footprints and was usually framed or on a placard hanging on a wall taking pride of place in the room. I saw and admired that poem so often as a kid I used to have it memorized. I would not suggest putting that one up on this hub cause it is well known but I got to thinking about if there are other poems like this that could take that prize of place. I would not place any old thing on a hub like this but if you can find something you think your readers would think was a real special item, something that could inspire them spiritually every day the way your poems did they might really appreciate the tip. I would suggest you just have a browse of what amazon offers and see if anything stands out as being truly special and inspiring, you might be surprised at what is out there!

I may send you an email when I get the chance to to talk to you more about how to make amazon work for you. I am back at the day job now so time is short but its only 5 weeks till the end of term holiday so you'll see more hubs soon!

kirstenblog profile image

kirstenblog 7 years ago from London UK Author

wrenfrost56 - Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. It's nice to think I might have given you a valuable tip to two. I have enjoyed your hubs and posts for a while now :)

laswi - Glad to share! Thanks for the comment.

hypnodude - Keep me posted! I absolutely WANT to know if my advice made the difference to you amazon selling for that hub! You could make a buck or two if you can get a sale with fitness stuff! A hub like that only needs one or two buys to be worth it, bigger purchases are nice :) You never know tho, you might get some totally unexpected sale! I got one for hair loss cover up makeup and had no idea that even existed (I educated myself fast tho so I could write a hub!)

kirstenblog profile image

kirstenblog 7 years ago from London UK Author

DanPowers - Wow, you have been an amazon affiliate for awhile! I see you have only been a part of the HP family for 3 weeks, you do seem to be off to a great start! I had a look at your hub to get a flavor for your product hubs. I had an idea and you may or may not agree with it so I will share here and you can let me know if you would agree. I had a look at the ads on this hub and they are good for cheaper waterproof safes and more expensive ones too but I didn't see alternatives for a reader who thinks its a bit more then they need. You don't want to get way off topic with your ads but you might think about say a Master Lock cash box or something that a person looking at safes might prefer. If you take me, my situation is one where I am not near the sea or rivers and would be less likely to do more then read, if I saw an option that was a lesser type of item like a cash box I might decide to buy that instead thinking I don't need all that protection. By offering an alternative to the high security of a waterproof safe for a city dweller such as myself you might get people through the amazon 'door'.

kirstenblog profile image

kirstenblog 7 years ago from London UK Author

TnFlash - Thanks for the Read! That cookie is a pain in the booty. I expect we get more sales then we get credit for due to the cookie but what can ya do? I still find amazon more profitable then google ad sense! I get clicks with it but they just don't earn as much as the smallest sale I have made (the commissions I mean). I hope one or two of my tips make the difference to your sales and commissions :)

charanjeet kaur profile image

charanjeet kaur 7 years ago from Delhi

Kirstenblog, it is one of the best and well summarized reads on making money on Amazon. Have read quite a lot about Amazon earnings exceeding Adsense; I am still to cross that barrier. Incredible read and some great pointers, sometimes personal experiences and methods make more sense than the SEO jargon. Rated it up!!!

kirstenblog profile image

kirstenblog 7 years ago from London UK Author

charanjeet kaur - Thanks for the compliment! I really wanted to make this stuff easy to understand. I know the internet jargon can be daunting and even when you understand it you maybe don't really understand it all the time. I had hoped to write something that made understanding the jargon irrelevant and just made the process of actually selling something easy to understand and 'see' so that you guys do this stuff and have the rush of having made more sales then can be called a fluke. So far I am tickled pink that I seem to have achieved what I set out to do here :)

harryinc profile image

harryinc 7 years ago from India

Learned a few new things. Good Stuff.

uliveulearn profile image

uliveulearn 7 years ago from Canada

These tips along with your energy and enthusiasm is a great boost. At the rate I am going it will take a very long time to meet the quality + quantity = sales equation but I am hopeful that with patience, a slow and steady pace can still earn some small passive dividends eventually. I still have much to learn. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Edweirdo profile image

Edweirdo 7 years ago from United States

Thanks for all the great tips!

I'll be going back and adding some Amazon capsules to more of my hubs :D

lajoiedevivre profile image

lajoiedevivre 7 years ago from Seattle, WA

Sounds like you have some good ideas - do you have a background in marketing that you're trying to pull off of, or have you ever thought about learning more on that subject to help you decide keywords vs. specific products in the Amazon capsules?

kirstenblog profile image

kirstenblog 7 years ago from London UK Author

lajoiedevivre - I am self taught. Through reading and studying what others do that works and trying different methods myself I have found it a steep but very fun and rewarding learning curve. I have played around with keywords and do not use that method for placing items as the results brought in are not always very relevant or appropriate to the text of an article. It's more work going through page after page of products on amazon BUT you can get ideas for future articles and can offer a better range of products on your articles. It is mind boggling how much there is on offer with amazon and it can be fun finding great gems to display in an article. Using keywords seems to me a somewhat lazy approach and while it saves you checking articles for items no longer valid in amazon that need replacing you don't usually get a good match for ads to your article. I would prefer to do the work myself and have the best range of products to fit the text. If google was a bit easier to pick and choose in regards to what ad's are placed in a particular article I would probably do a lot better with them! :D

scheng1 7 years ago

I read Problogger's blog. He mentioned that using anchor text is better for Amazon. Just too bad it's almost impossible to do that with Amazon products here.

Don Simkovich profile image

Don Simkovich 6 years ago from Pasadena, CA

Okay, so you put "buy" in the title? I'll have to look at some of your Hubs. I've only made one sale with Amazon in almost two years. Ugh. But I'll write more clear product oriented Hubs. I've just started to . . . I wrote one on sunglasses -- it's made me Adsense money in the first 48 hours it was published. But that's a good idea to review a product using some of the language on Amazon.

Amazon must also have a list of best sellers.

kirstenblog profile image

kirstenblog 6 years ago from London UK Author

Don - I love that product hubs can bring clicks with google so you don't have to worry about not taking advantage of both affiliate programs. I find that indicating in the title (not necessarily the url) that it was a buying guide type article means that the traffic I get converts more easily. As time goes on the traffic picks up faster on new hubs then when I started, and a few of the first ones are starting to draw traffic much more regularly now too. Amazon does have best sellers under different categories you can look through for ideas. I have often found someone just saying they want to buy something gives me the idea to write about what they said they wanted to buy. All the best!

John Dove profile image

John Dove 6 years ago

Hi Kirsten --

Thank you for sharing you experience with Amazon. One thing newbies can reasonable expect is a long period of . . . nothing -- like you. Then as you experiment and learn, Eureka! It works!

I previously became one of your followers, and not I bookmarked this hub for future reference.


Neil Ashworth profile image

Neil Ashworth 6 years ago from United Kingdom

Very good article. You write well and provide some valuable information..

KeithTax profile image

KeithTax 6 years ago from Wisconsin

Just the hub I needed. I am experimenting with product hubs and wondered how many clicks convert to sales. The 1 in 50 you mention is similar to what I am experiencing. So I was worrying about nothing.

Now I need to write more hubs. Thanks for the info.

kirstenblog profile image

kirstenblog 6 years ago from London UK Author

Keith Tax - Congrats on the sales you must be making to have come to expect 1 in 50 to convert! Sounds like you are making a brilliant start and off to build a small empire of affiliate sales :D

All the best mate!

Jayne Lancer profile image

Jayne Lancer 6 years ago from West London, UK

Before I completely abandon Amazon, I will try out your advice. Thank you for an informative Hub! Well written, too, making for a good read.

You're rated up and bookmarked!

kirstenblog profile image

kirstenblog 6 years ago from London UK Author

Jayne, I know of a few folks who abandoned amazon with only a few ads on a few hubs who after totally forgetting about it made their first sale. The efforts you have already made may not have been a waste, could just be that those items will take longer to turn into sales. Also worth remembering that with amazon they have a pretty short cookie life span so you could make a sale and not get credit because it took to long for the person to buy. It is frustrating and I wish amazon would change this but for now it is what it is. The fact that HP uses amazon capsules and its so easy here is why I am willing to keep pushing for those sales that will happen within the cookie life span. The other reason for me is that ebay is much harder to get approval from as you need to have your own successful web site.

shabarigirish profile image

shabarigirish 6 years ago

Great hub Kirsten, Thanks for sharing your experience and guiding others.

Jayne Lancer profile image

Jayne Lancer 6 years ago from West London, UK

You're absolutely right; today I made my first Amazon sale! Yes, I will take your advice from now on. Thank you very much!

kirstenblog profile image

kirstenblog 6 years ago from London UK Author

Yay! Wooo Hoo, Break out the bubbly! Congrats Jayne! Must feel pretty darned good :D That is just so cool, I am sitting here grinning like a mad person! I am that happy for you :D

Glad that I as able to help, made my day really :D

ajysnwb profile image

ajysnwb 6 years ago

Its hard for me to earn commision through amazon affiliate,its more easy with google adsense .Till now I can't understand why I did't make money through amazon.

ajysnwb profile image

ajysnwb 6 years ago

Ebay is more harder to get approval.Why so difficult to earn income on Ebay?

kirstenblog profile image

kirstenblog 6 years ago from London UK Author

ajysnwb - Affiliates do have a lot of work with these programs, and I don't think that it helps them out that much at the end of the day. Amazon has such a short life span with its cookies that you gotta get folks making impulse purchases before the cookie runs out and eBay, well I hear it is easier to earn once you are approved. Getting approved takes lots of work tho. If you are serious about getting an ebay affiliate you need your to own your own website with quite a lot of quality content that brings traffic. I kinda think they are cutting off their noses to spite their faces as the saying goes. I hope that they will at some point relax and realize that they are loosing affiliates and the promotion that affiliates do for them. Amazon is set to loose loads of affiliates in the States as tax laws change and they drop some top affiliates. I kind of hope that for those of us not the in the States will find them willing to give us a longer cookie life span to keep us working for them as they have lost so many State based affiliates. I have a plan for trying to host my own blog site and building it up with enough content to try for eBay but with their strict rules I wont even try until then.

ajysnwb profile image

ajysnwb 6 years ago

Thanks for your info,maybe I'll try another way,thanks anyway

kirstenblog profile image

kirstenblog 6 years ago from London UK Author

ajysnwb - there are so many different ways to create income online, if amazon and ebay are not right for you there probably is something that is just right. I recently set up an online store where creating products is easy and the shop itself is free, I am still learning how to tweak it to make it stricking for visitors and of course promoting it. If you are interested in finding out more I have written a walk through hub for setting up an online store with Zazzle. Might be worth your having a look at it :)

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konrel 6 years ago

This was very informative and very creative. I am new to hubbing. How did you place the advertisments on your page?

I cant seem to figure out how to copy and paste ads in my site. Could you or some one please give me a hint? thanks

kirstenblog profile image

kirstenblog 6 years ago from London UK Author

konrel - Glad you found this hub informatie and helpful. As for adding amazon adds, when you are in edit mode for a hub you need to add an amazon 'capsule' these are like text capsules or photo capsules. You usually can see the various capsules available in hubs along the top of your page unless you are at the top and can see the stationary selection of capsules. You just click the one you want and its added at the bottom of the page, scroll down and click up until you have it where you want it (you can also move it to the right of text capsules to create a more appealing effect). In the capsules you can either place individual products from or you can use keywords to find products to place (there is much less control with this one so you need to check what products are pulled in with your keywords). The other thing to think about is if you have your affiliate stuff set up, if not HP gets all sales! If you have not signed up and placed your affiliate ID in HP yet you will want to go to your account - affiliate settings and follow the walk through steps to apply and put in place your affiliate ID so you get credit for any sales. I hope this has helped and if you need any further clarification please feel free to send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I am able :)

ajysnwb profile image

ajysnwb 6 years ago

Thanks for your info zazzle,I've tried its and I found its amazing and fascinating!I've to learn a lot to master the zazzle.Million thanks,Kirsten!

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konrel 6 years ago

great information. How does one put the amazon ads on their hub?

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kirstenblog 6 years ago from London UK Author

konrel - when you are editing a hub and are at the top of the page to the right you should see a control panel where you can add 'capsules' for the different elements you want to include in your hub (from amazon ad's to video etc.) When you click the amazon capsule it adds it at the bottom of the page, you will need to scroll all the way down to move it up to where you want it. You can add as many amazon capsules as you like, I will often have one per text capsule. Adding new text capsules is the same as amazon capsules, in the same control panel. When you are working on your hub and have scrolled down the page the control panel becomes a floating one across the top of the page and will float in that position as you scroll through your hub. To add a particular item to advertise you might want that item open in a second window so that you can copy and paste the URL straight over into the open amazon capsule. To open the amazon capsule just hit the 'edit' button on the capsule and you can choose to select individual items or items by keyword, when you choose individual items you are given URL or ISBIN boxes, the url should work just fine. You can also choose just how many items to display when in the capsule (editing it).

Rismayanti profile image

Rismayanti 6 years ago from Tropical Island

GReat hub kirstenblog.. you give complete information about that will all your experiense. I got 6 items order in my amazon affiliate.. but in earning point still zero, what does it mean?

I will follow you

kirstenblog profile image

kirstenblog 6 years ago from London UK Author

Rismayanti - The items need to be shipped to show your earnings for those items, right now they are just ordered and it can take a few days for the order to be confirmed and shipped out. I had a set of ordered items take like two weeks to be shipped once! There are a few items with amazon where affiliates do not make any commission for sales, mostly digital stuff. Congrats on getting 6 ordered items by the way! Thats a brilliant start!

Rismayanti profile image

Rismayanti 6 years ago from Tropical Island

thank you for information kirsten.. the items order is 5 books and 1 watch from my hub.

Winsome profile image

Winsome 6 years ago from Southern California by way of Texas

KB this is such a help. I love Amazon and wasn't sure if I was doing it correctly--your hub is easy to follow and reassuring. I want to start selling products myself on Amazon and place them in my hub. Is that allowed?

kirstenblog profile image

kirstenblog 6 years ago from London UK Author

Winsome - I see no reason why you cannot place items on your hubs that you are selling with amazon. I think that is a brilliant idea as well! I know people do just that with ebay in order to get traffic and boost sales. Doing the same with amazon sounds like a great idea, win win you know. I have not looked at selling items myself with amazon (no stock to sell) so am not an authority as to what promotion you are encouraged to do with them but I would imagine they welcome it. I hope you do well and wish you all the best!

J Sunhawk profile image

J Sunhawk 6 years ago from South Carolina

I like this:

"Patience and persistence are virtues that I am becoming stronger with."

A most excellent hub, kirstenblog.

kirstenblog profile image

kirstenblog 6 years ago from London UK Author

Thanks for leaving a comment J Sunhawk - Patience and persistence are important in lots of areas of life I find so increasing my patience and strength for persistence always a most valuable exercise. Glad you liked that line in particular :D

Trish_M profile image

Trish_M 6 years ago from The English Midlands

This sort of hub ~ full of useful information ~ is just what I need! Thanks! :)

ebookshack profile image

ebookshack 6 years ago from Canada

Kristen, thank you for this read. I have been on here for awhile but left discouraged to pursue the instant cash and then found myself back here again steady since October of last year.

I did recently try my hand at a few product hubs for kids toys and enjoyed doing them so much that I made up a list of many more to do. My own question though is do I stick with a list of similar products on one hub or write a hub for each product. And if I do write a hub for each product, do I do it in a different format than the other ones?

Once again, thanks for the information! I have added you to my list of hubbers to follow and look forward to reading more from you.

Golfgal profile image

Golfgal 6 years ago from McKinney, Texas

I am new on the site and using affiliated programs. I have it all set up and have written 11 hubs in a couple weeks and plan to do much more. My mind is whirling with thoughts and ideas. Thank you as you gave me confidence that all I have to do is keep doing it!!! I am a fan.

kirstenblog profile image

kirstenblog 6 years ago from London UK Author

ebookshack - If you can write enough good content for a hub that is a great way to go. What you want to do is link those hubs together. If one of them hits it big traffic wise the visitors may well be interested in one of the 'satellite' hubs. This gives you the chance for more readers who might then click an ad or buy something. It is a great strategy for dominating a niche here on HP. If your product is very specific you can always show any accessories to that type of item (maybe they already have one and need info, an accessory might catch their eye).

kirstenblog profile image

kirstenblog 6 years ago from London UK Author

Golfgal - I just went and had a look at your hubs. You are off to a brilliant start! The one to catch my eye was

The information was great and should do well with search engines over time, exactly the sort of thing a pet owner would want to find. My only suggestion would be to break the text into separate 'capsules' as you have a lot of text before anything that might make you money. Good layout of text means you have better advertising placement on the page that gives a better chance for earning, without looking tacky (thats whats so cool here, its hard to make a tacky page!). There are a few great hubs on page layout that you might want to check out, just search for page layout in the HP search box and sample a few to get an idea how you can maximize your hard work. :)

hinazille profile image

hinazille 6 years ago from Dominica (West Indies, The Caribbean) :D

this is an excellent article and im very glad to have come across it..I am a newbie to HP but i find that everyone is soooo helpful - the writer community is great!

Relating to your article, I know others have asked you how to place Amazon adds on their hubs - ive followed your advice but when i click 'Preview Amazon Results' after pasting the link for the product that amazon gave me, it simply says 'no amazon product found'.

any ideas on how to proceed with this issue?

kirstenblog profile image

kirstenblog 6 years ago from London UK Author

hinazille - The problem you describe could be down to a site glitch. It has happened in the past that many hubbers have had their amazon ads disappear because it can't find the products. If you are still having this problem try another item to see if it has the same problem, if it does HP has a glitch. You can notify staff and try again in a few hours or a day. It is possible that an item wont pull through because it is discontinued (doesn't sell anymore through amazon) but that is pretty rare. I bet it's a amazon capsule glitch.

lisa42 profile image

lisa42 5 years ago from Sacramento

Excellent advice for Hubbers.

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