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Why is my followers gets back to 25 even if there is a new follower added?

It's been three days in a row now that every day I have a new follower and I approved it; my number of followers then go up to 26 but the next time I signed in, the followers go back to 25; there should have been three followers added or a total of 28 followers if nobody left after adding those three. I am just wondering if we could know when someone unfollows as soon as someone is added.

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Wesman Todd Shaw says

4 years ago
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daisynicolas says

4 years ago
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    Jenny Pugh (Jynzly) 4 years ago

    Thanks for that logically fallacious "grammatically correct answer?"...I don't need your opinion, I need a CORRECT ANSWER to my question. My grammar and spelling may get bad when I am upset but I don't need opinions from idiots.