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Why would my latest hub published have a blank but patterned right hand side bar?

I had not finished a hub I was writing and editing. Came back to it later and already viewing it in unpublished mode it had this blue-ish but patterned blank right hand side bar - didn't think too much if it as I was editing my hub, but after publishing the hub it's still there. Thought it might be a slow connection or something, and the right hand side bar would appear, but my other hubs don't have this odd sidebar - the area beneath the hub is also a bit different - has a "others are also reading" section with links, and there's no sharing buttons or voting buttons or useful etc buttons.

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Lauryallan says

4 years ago
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Danielle McGaw (dmcgaw) says

4 years ago
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    Lauryallan 4 years ago

    No problem, I had the same question a few weeks ago when I was reading a fashion hub.