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Why is there a difference in number of page views in Adsense and Analytics?

I note that Anaytics shows a higher number of page views than Adsense - i.e. just views, not clicks. The total of views given on Hubpages itself is different again, but I appreciate that may include your own visits to your hubs to reply to comments, etc. I have three articles on another site and Adsense tells me I've had 4 page views in total whereas Analytics says 27 unique page views. Pathetic number of views either way - but why the difference? There are Google ads on all my articles so it isn't a case of AdSense not counting views of articles which have no ads.

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Cara Alex (Alaxia) says

4 years ago
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    Mazzy Bolero 4 years ago

    I find mine changes around - sometimes Analytics shows much higher page views than Hubpages and Adense, but sometimes fewer. There seems to be no pattern to it, but I guess what is being counted has to be different.

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Slaven Cvijetic (mbyL) says

4 years ago
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