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Is swearing allowed on HubPages?

I know that I was unable to post a comment that contained a four letter word, but I've never even had the urge to put one in an actual hub. However, I recently was thinking about doing a hub on how vulgarity has started to been seen as being less vulgar and more acceptable, but I don't want to have to use "****" or "sh__" in my hub if I want to discuss or mention certain words.

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Kennedi Brown says

4 years ago
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    Adam M. Hanson (AM Hanson) 4 years ago

    I completely understand. I'm usually quite...ehrm....verbose myself, though it doesn't often extend to my writing. There have been times when I wanted to use a four letter word in an answer on here, but it wouldn't let me. It's quite annoying.

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momaoak says

4 years ago
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ackman1465 says

4 years ago
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