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Who is tolerant? Who is intolerant? Who? Whom?

I have been answering and leaving comments a lot the last two days. Not that I care - but my score dropped from 80 to 73 in just two days and need to know if the scores are based on subject material. I need to know because I am experiencing interfence in all web activities too, including Facebook, where I cannot contact people - which is BIZARRE. Truthfully, I had one other hubber try to contact me on Facebook - and he couldn't find me. My blog has no comments and it has been open for a year. No comments from hubbers either. Who? Whom?

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Clark Cook (moonfroth) says

4 years ago
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    cynthtggt 4 years ago

    There may be glitches, but I believe it is Google (for DOJ) all the way. The day I posted my x-ray on my blog my phone rang but I missed the call. The number was from Google. My blog is the evidence though. My comments were all erased.

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