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moonfroth profile image

Clark Cook (moonfroth)

Joined 8 years ago from Rural BC (Canada) & N of Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)




For many years, I taught literature at Simon Fraser University and the University of Victoria and (my last gig) business and technical communication at the BC Institute of Technology, where I was also a Program Head. Now I’m retired (whatever that means) and busier than ever. After a lifetime teaching literature and writing closet poetry, I have now found the balls to actually publish some. Right here on Hubpages. Quite a few people seem to like it. If YOU do, write a comment. I learn from every remark you make, whether supportive or critical.

My wife and I have a home in the backwoods of BC (cold as hell) and one in a tiny village in Pacific Mexico (hot as hell). We bob back and forth. She’s a gourmet cook, a political economist, a writer, and a great gal in every way. She likes me a lot, so we know she’s a little imbalanced. She says she’s a Buddhist, I book on as a devotee of Zen (when I’m not flirting with Atheism). We support each other.

If you need an excellent writer—whether to edit and revise or ghost-write your book, or write that critical business proposal, or format and write your company’s annual report, or anything else you come up with that involves the written word—I’m your man. And Translators—when you’ve finished translating that important document into English, bring it to me for that final polish s best provided by a native speaker..

My poetry is personal, cosmological, and strange. Sometimes all three. I rarely write in rhyme: rather, poetry to me is a breathed, felt, cadenced, deeply metaphorical experience which—when I’m ON—I throw out to you to join the experience. You are an assumed part of my poem. About twenty of my poems, a couple of articles, and a couple of stories are featured below, right here on HubPages. I hope you enjoy.

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  • The Rational Absurdity of the Trinity:  Keeping Believers in the Dark

    The Rational Absurdity of the Trinity: Keeping Believers in the Dark

    2 years ago

    Were the idea not so serious, it would be amusing to propose that three "entities" LITERALLY reside in one . . . .body? idea? wraith? It doesn't matter. Faith and Reason are uneasy bedfellows.

  • The Death of Patriotism

    The Death of Patriotism

    5 years ago

    WHY I'M WRITING THIS HUB About a week ago, a fellow Hubber, jonnycomelately, asked a question--Can patriotism make you blind to shortcomings? I offered a comment, fine and good, but when I tried to make a second comment, the System said No!, but...

  • A Song to Audrey

    A Song to Audrey

    5 years ago

    I contemplate Audrey how itt can be that such cosmic splendor flows from her gifted pen with the natural ease of the course of waterfalls the daily rising of a new sun-- ancient yet eternally fresh inspiration and light, ...



    5 years ago

    through the aimless crowd you float, smile, elegant fingers curled lightly 'round a frosted blue glass your eyes flash promise and warning silk whispers round anticipations and magic valleys to anxious suitors about to...

  • In the All Depends, a Poem

    In the All Depends, a Poem

    5 years ago

    at night in the winter the air is tangible a living friend that holds your breath like a soft caress if you're on your deck warm brandy icing up in its snifter the amber light from the kitchen holding promise and succor behind you ...



    3 years ago

    A humorous bit of fancy in which two classical characters search for Truth in their mugs of wine

  • Teaching Male Teens to Cook--A Horror Story

    Teaching Male Teens to Cook--A Horror Story

    5 years ago

    Your male teen can't boil water. If you went away for three days, he'd starve. His idea of cooking is to pour water on KD and nuke it. Then he wolfs it standing up. This Hub will change all that



    5 years ago

    The prairie yawned endless beige undulating soundless entire--his only world consuming his tiny town, a dot in the sea of whispering wheat Every day the train-- puffing snorting rumbling the earth a wave of sound in his...

  • The Plunge of Love, a Poem

    The Plunge of Love, a Poem

    5 years ago

    when I fell in love, spinning down that vortex of ecstasy-- a fathomless pool r u s h i n g up to meet my plunging body-- I failed to understand that the exercise required underwater breathing. © clark cook ...



    5 years ago

    HP's restrictions on line spacing & word-placement dictate format of poems. These restrictions place creative burdens on poets, & we want tech staff to enable us to layout our work the way WE want !



    5 years ago

    THE WAY IT WAS. . .AND IS In most ancient cultures, poets were revered. The Greek word from which 'poet' is derived meant “the maker”, and poets were regarded as seers and wise men who penetrated the core of the Mysteries and the unfathomable...



    5 years ago

    That year the cold shattered history we huddled blue-lipped coaxed our paralyzed bones persuaded our suspended breath just to carry on. That year flirting Spring smirked in the wings denying flight. That year moon-honey flowed only in...

  • THE DANCE, A Poem

    THE DANCE, A Poem

    5 years ago

    During the quiet moments at the beginning you made your solemn declarations drank the wine red and deep ate those delicious little cakes that the obscure Italian baker baked in his little shop that everyone talked about , but no one had ever...

  • The Wistful Accountant, A Poem

    The Wistful Accountant, A Poem

    5 years ago

    (Note to reader: HubPages formatting protocols will NOT permit me to lay the words of this poem out on the page the way they are supposed to be laid out. Very frustrating. Makes you want to go somewhere else) these words wash over me like...

  • Why Hubbers Hub:  Dark Secrets Revealed !

    Why Hubbers Hub: Dark Secrets Revealed !

    5 years ago

    Why do Hubbers Hub? Most of us earn little or nothing from our hours of tapping out comments, asking and answering questions, thinking about, researching, and finally writing Hubs. Since I haven’t noticed any guns to my head lately, I’m forced...

  • THE DIVER, A Poem

    THE DIVER, A Poem

    5 years ago

    he posed rigidly, arms extended, a private crucifix at the top of the cliff a lifetime below, the beckoning waves pulsed into the echoing rocks-- rhythmic crash and foam and swirling bitter salt ascending to the motionless cross far...

  • God Created Evil -- The Irreparable Flaw in Christian Thought

    God Created Evil -- The Irreparable Flaw in Christian Thought

    4 years ago

    God, by definition is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. He knows all things, including the future. He KNOWS Adam and Eve will fail. Free will is a fraud to justify Evil, which God created.

  • A DUSTY ROAD, a Poem

    A DUSTY ROAD, a Poem

    5 years ago

    I met a bearded man on a dusty road and asked him for directions to a better place, a place where wonder would be common as old jewelery in a drawer dark but potent with beauty He smiled within his walk a steady pace a fluid...

  • THE SEEKER, a Poem

    THE SEEKER, a Poem

    5 years ago

    I sought my true love like an eager ferret dark narrow places yielded only pain and reminders. I sought her then in song celebration wassail and the over-smiles of promising strangers Echoes of forgotten touches haunted...

  • Stone Warrior, A Poem/Riddle

    Stone Warrior, A Poem/Riddle

    5 years ago

    The Anglo Saxons loved Riddle Poems; slightly less than 100 of which survive in “The Exeter Book”, a miscellany of Old English poetry variously dated somewhere between the eight and tenth centuries. We know little about these short, anonymous...

  • Home in the Mist, A Moment

    Home in the Mist, A Moment

    6 years ago

    I saw it from the safe green field four hundred lonely feet below -- thick grass, sticks, mud, a craggy home, two scrawny heads scanning the skies for bloodied rodents slow-flopping salmon juicy rabbits -- their universe. With...

  • Learning to Hear

    Learning to Hear

    6 years ago

    When he was young, perhaps about ten, Saturday mornings were reading events in his Dad's big bed, smelling of sweat and tobacco and well-oiled leather from the old inlaid headboard. Sliding into the warm sheets, cuddling the old man, cigarette...

  • Child of the Earth, a Poem

    Child of the Earth, a Poem

    6 years ago

    He fell in love with her as a child of the earth might entwine its lithe arms around the tendril roots of an ancient fir deep in the loam, soft in the moisture he fell in love with her as a protector of honesty he could only sense but ...

  • A Poet's Wish

    A Poet's Wish

    6 years ago

    Sometimes I wish that the damned poem-- that wretched hag-maiden of words and pauses and commas and ideas and words words words--sometimes I wish my hand-maiden, smirking and taunting with shielded eye and sinuous shadow hidden in...

  • The Hospital Room, A Poem

    The Hospital Room, A Poem

    6 years ago

    She leans back against the cool green of the flaking wall, eyes closed, hands hanging loose open they will be firm and strong again when she pushes off the wall, her private moment done, and re-enters the room. He lies there, eyes once...

  • Palas Athena Pays A Visit, A Poem

    Palas Athena Pays A Visit, A Poem

    6 years ago

    when she rose from the waves, clear-eyed and betrayed by silent stories felt on the skin, she brought no heavy treasure robbed from mud-crusted graves, no expectations of prizes hard-won but never awarded. she found such rewards too...



    6 years ago

    A LITTLE PREAMBLE Like most poets, I want each of my poems to stand on its own, a bridge between me and my reader. Each should have its own strength, its own integrity, and be whole enough to offer an experience for the reader free of intrusion or...

  • Walking With the Moon, A Poet's Poem

    Walking With the Moon, A Poet's Poem

    6 years ago

    WALKING WITH THE MOON I have walked this road with the Moon many times before, have sought shelter from chilling rain and driving snow beneath the wide fanned arms of the friendly cedar by the crook in the river where the road crosses the...

  • The Unassailable Secret to Sexual Fulfillment - A Bit of Fun

    The Unassailable Secret to Sexual Fulfillment - A Bit of Fun

    6 years ago

    Last night my wife and I were at a club, watching this stand-up comic. He was pretty good, and soon had the crowd giggling and laughing at his slightly sexual jokes. Then he held up both hands, commanded silence, and announced in a booming...

  • A Nice Old Couple  -  a poem

    A Nice Old Couple - a poem

    6 years ago

    In the evenings they would sit together he to the side of the fire long slicing shadows obscuring one side of his thin face, a partial mask to her chair facing the fire directly her face down, always down her grey hairline serving as a...

  • 13


    6 years ago

    Map of portion of the Barrens relevant to my adventure. To locate our camp, find Yellowknife, then go up and Right to the word "Nunavut". Our camp was just above the second "n" of Nunavut. This Hub describes an extraordinary experience that I...

  • How to make a Mexican Village Happy--at NO Cost to You.  Ever.

    How to make a Mexican Village Happy--at NO Cost to You. Ever.

    6 years ago

    THE TEASER This little Hub proposes a simple act of kindness that you can perform for some deserving kids in a distant country (in this instance Mexico), an act that will take minutes of your time, and cost you—are you ready?—not one red cent!...

  • The Echoes, A Poem

    The Echoes, A Poem

    6 years ago

    the Echoes came to him again on that quiet night of promise, where. grey tendrils of dissolving cloud embraced a pale half-moon, where a wolf’s long wavering call rose low from the earth, where a sudden rustle in the silvered grass...



    6 years ago

    your power lies not in the lightning or dark thunder flat and ominous in your crushing fist. your threat lies not in the powder-blue of your steel eyes not in the care-less sideglance you flick at a blind man in the...

  • Mexico's Drug Wars--A Solution

    Mexico's Drug Wars--A Solution

    6 years ago

    In the six years of Presidente Calderon’s tenure as boss of México, the drug war has claimed the lives of a staggering 30,000 to 50,000 people. Nobody knows for sure. And the numbers don’t suddenly become acceptable when statisticians tell us...

  • A Song for Lorraine  -  A Poem

    A Song for Lorraine - A Poem

    5 years ago

    Since you left, seven years have tolled their hollow course ringing grey and empty, a new void on an old twist to the final story. You had the ancient singing skill to re-write the faint retreating melody, and you refused to...

  • A Walk on the Beach - a Poem

    A Walk on the Beach - a Poem

    6 years ago

    Walking on the beach in Bucerias, I came upon a Theme hiding behind a red snapper lying in final pose under the brilliant sun. I reached for the Theme but it flitted away, darting from grains of sand to smooth-polished stones to...

  • Do Not Forget Our Fathers - A Poem

    Do Not Forget Our Fathers - A Poem

    5 years ago

    This man shrugged casually like all the other smooth young men who yawned their way to war and died in snow and mud witnessed by frozen blank-eyed horses used to haul their bone racks to field hospitals for rehabilitation. ...

  • A Shell Game for Lilyfly  -  A Poem

    A Shell Game for Lilyfly - A Poem

    6 years ago

    Ah! hyphenated lily fly not in quest of forgotten men on sullen shores where cognition mistakes shells for flowers and squeezes ambrosia from the veins of ancient rock. These grey men are memories only, mere vaporous thought,...

  • walking towards The Way - A Poem

    walking towards The Way - A Poem

    6 years ago

    the walrus and the carpenter never had it so good never had to have babies with ladies never had to go on existential acid trips with remarkably successful bugs. The crustaceans didn’t fare so well, afterthoughts never do,...

  • for kathy

    for kathy

    6 years ago

    hush you need too many Words-- their lacquer-thin fragility comforts only the elements of the night, confronts the birds of the air in downward swerve, defines defines defines our progress within the spheres, among the doves and...