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Has my hub been removed?

Hi all. I'm fairly new to this 'hubbing' business and so far I've had a great experience and I'm really impressed. I wrote one which was a review of an online freelancing platform. It wasn't designed to be promotional as such, but I received feedback stating it was too advert-based. I amended it and re-submitted, but now it isn't there at all. Has it been removed? I don't mind too much if it has, but I'm not sure how to tell or not as it doesn't have a strike-through like the table suggests. Any help appreciated! Thanks.

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Best Answer Shasta Matova (Millionaire Tips) says

4 years ago
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    Melissa Flagg (Daughter Of Maat) 4 years ago

    I concur :D

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viewfinders says

4 years ago
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