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What constitutes hi-jacking a hub?

I created a hub on a a political issue and one hubber has made several comments. The last comment I received is that: "Commenting is to limiting so I wrote a hub. Here is the link to my hub." My question is, does that constitue hi-jacking. I have never had a hub hi-jacked so I don't know. I know if in a forum, if you change topics, that's hi-jacking. But in this case, someone can click on his link in my comment, go to his hub and never comeback!

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Sharilee Swaity (prairieprincess) says

4 years ago
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    Mike Russo (peoplepower73) 4 years ago

    I don't feel right deleting his comment. I think I'll leave his link there and follow his hub and see how many are following my hub link to his hub. Thank you both for your replies. You both ge best answer status. Thanks.

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C E Clark (Au fait) says

4 years ago
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Keith Ham says

4 years ago
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