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Desperate need for traffic and adsense help!

Its now three weeks in and things are still not any better with traffic! With 22 hubs and averaging 10 page views per day ( which are all from hubpages ) something must be wrong. My adsense earnings still have not reached $.04 and im thoroughly discouraged. Everyone says to stick with it but something has to be wrong. My 30 day hub challenge is flopping. Not looking for moral support just a solid do this or do that. Any ideas are greatly appreciated, thank you!!

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Best Answer Marzime says

4 years ago
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MargaritaB says

4 years ago
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    Rustedwho 4 years ago

    Well I made the mistake of reading an article about someones success in his first two months. Going to do alot of updating tonight. My goal is to make my first $100 by the new

    year. My plan for this is still in development.

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Ardot says

4 years ago
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