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Question about Google Adsense and the Ad Code

I applied to Adsense when I created this hubpage profile and I was declined for not having enough content. So, I posted a couple more hubs, added more pictures, videos and resubmitted my application. Well then I got another email: "Welcome to Hubpages! We have completed a partial review of your application. " Then alittle further down it says: "* You must implement your ad code so we can complete the review process. For help implementing ad code on Google owned APIs (e.g., YouTube), visit:[link to youtube here]" So, what do I do about this Ad Code? I'd like my application to be approved.

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Best Answer Diana Hernandez says

4 years ago
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    Melissa White (missa72542) 4 years ago

    Thank you very much :) This helped me, all I really needed to do was to play around on the adsense site and make the ad unit. Then i was able to continue on here.

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mmsu says

4 years ago
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