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Has anyone else had problems with Hubs that you click on and then they freeze???

For about three days now I have been having poroblems reading and commenting on Hubs. When I click on the link I am taken to the Hub and then my computer flashes and then says this tab has been recovered and then it does it again and freezes the screen or everything under the Hubpages banner at the top is gone and I am left with a white page that I cannot do anything with. It is not happening on any other sites just Hubpages. Can anyone help me???

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Jenn-Anne says

4 years ago
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deergha (dghbrh) says

4 years ago
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    Shawn May Scott 4 years ago

    I would like to Thank eveyone who has tried to help in this matter. I ended up having a virus on my computer and it was reeking havoc with many systems. I have since cared for that problem and am now back on Hubpages!!!