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Do Hubpage Questions appear on Search Engine Results, or just internally on Hubpages?

Should they appear on Search Engines, Should we be worried about the SEO concerns of idle questions?

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Wesman Todd Shaw says

4 years ago
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    CCahill 4 years ago

    Monetized your questions? what? they are not monitized by default? :o

    didnt even realise transfering them to your subdomain was an option.

    i have some question which have 0 views in 30 days, i'm worried this will lower traffic to my actual hubs

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Sophie (zsobig) says

4 years ago
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Steve Wright (STEVEW13) says

4 years ago
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    Susannah Birch (WryLilt) 4 years ago

    No, NOT any page created on the internet. There are ways to block IPs and search engines from viewing web pages. For instance, the idle hubs mechanism.


JThomp42 says

4 years ago
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