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I get the way it will be used and the specific purpose but just not where it would be used?

I have been on Hub pages for a while now but never messed with referral tracking because I didn't get it and didn't want to learn. However in the last several weeks I have convinced at least three writers to join and so figured it was time. One question . . . Is the referral tracking code used when creating back links, such as StumbleUpon or LinkedIn? I mean in what other manner would it be used besides these types of sites for back linking purposes? It would be helpful if people could list sites or places they use it so that I have a better understanding of where they are used, thank you?

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Chris Mills (cam8510) says

4 years ago
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    somethgblue 4 years ago

    I was thinking that was it but wasn't sure, so when you post your URL on another site you add the tracking referral info into the URL, right?

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Anil (Anil and Honey) says

4 years ago
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