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Is There A Better Way to unFeature / NOINDEX Hubs?

HubPages unFeature / NOINDEX hubs action that occurs when their software decides a hub is no longer popular enough to index in Google has caused a variety of reactions from Hubbers. Since having a NOINDEX tag can cause Google to ignore a hub for a very long time, even after the tag is removed by HubPages, are there better ways to implement this policy? How about providing Hubbers a gentle reminder and give them a week to update Hubs that are close to reaching the criteria for getting slapped with the NOINDEX tag? That way HubPages gets what it wants without potentially harming hubs.

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Lynsey Harte (sparkleyfinger) says

3 years ago
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    John Coviello (Rock_nj) 3 years ago

    Thanks. I know they read many of these questions. I am also wondering what other Hubbers think are good solutions to this NOINDEX policy? HubPages is losing writers over it. Perhaps they should give a warning and time to fix a hub?

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Russ Moran (rfmoran) says

3 years ago
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peachy (peachpurple) says

3 years ago
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