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How do I show attribution when the author's/ owner's name is written in Russian?

The author/owner's name is written in russian & it's showing up under the image as (???????19)? So, won't this count against my hub giving me a lower hub score? The link works & takes the viewer to the image on Wikimedia Commons but the hub software, apparently can't translate russian. When I copy & paste the owner's name here, it also comes out as question marks. I'm posting the photo with this question.

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3 years ago
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    Sphinxs Sanctum 3 years ago

    Thank-you Soo much for the reply ExpectGreatThings. I thought for a minute about looking up the translation but I just wasn't sure if it HAD To Be written the same or not! That pic was just what I wanted so I'd hate to have to change it. Thanks!