Create two hubs from one, or have one really long hub

Hi fellow Hubbers, I am in the process of rewriting some of my older hubs and have a dilemma. I have a hub on two related topics and in the process of rewriting it I have now recognised that there is enough content for two separate hubs, one on each topic. My question, is what should I do, should I rewrite the old hub to be about one of the topics and create another brand new hub about the other topic and link them? Or should I remove the old hub and create two new ones? The old one still gets traffic so I don't want to delete it unless I need to. Thanks everyone :)

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Rob Hampton (robhampton) says

3 years ago
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  • Robbie C Wilson 3 years ago

    Thanks Rob! Do you think I should reuse the old hub as one of the new ones, or start two new ones and remove the old?


sheilamyers says

3 years ago
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