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Why would a Hub that is my most successful suddenly get "this site has a bad reputation," tag on it?

This hub has been up for a long time and has had more hits than any of my other hubs. I was reading the forum about peoples' hubs being copied, so I looked this one up just to see if it would show up. I was surprised to see that it had a bad reputation. I don't even know what that means when posted on the net. Does anyone know what that could mean?

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Best Answer DrMark1961 says

3 years ago
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    Ky Cardinal 3 years ago

    I saw it on Yahoo search. Went to Bing, but it wasn't by the articles. I tried to research who was responsible for even putting these notations on an article and best I could find was it may have something to do with Avasti.

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Becki Rizzuti (Everyday Miracles) says

3 years ago
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