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Is there any problem if I delete a lot of hubs?

So I have around 70 hubs. Some are pretty short, some are not so good. Will it affect me somehow if I delete for example 15 of them? I am in a phase of improving hubs and working to add videos, make better content, formatting, capsules etc but some hubs are just not worth fixing. So will affect my hubscore? (I suppose it will as I already deleted 4-5 and dropped from 86 to 76) And will it be back soon after? Will hubpages penalize me because of deleting so many hubs at once? Any negative effect?

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Best Answer Danie Newcomb (Daniella Lopez) says

2 years ago
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    Mirjan Stojanovic (micko27) 2 years ago

    Thanks for reply. When I deleted couple of hubs I went from 86 to 76 but in one day I am already on 78 so I suppose if I do not delete a lot at once it will slowly go up :)

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Paula (fpherj48) says

2 years ago
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