hub pages, wrong tracking code ua-286186-1 my trac.code-ua-43779003-1

  1. ravinderkumarshar profile image76
    ravinderkumarsharposted 2 years ago

    i have to advice that my is having a wrong tracking code of ua-286186-1 instead of my own tracking code of id-ua-43779003-1. so i can not verify my hubs webmaster tools account--http;// google analytics method. if it is right then please advice me that why it can be happened and who is behind the things.please enquire in to the matter and do the needful

    1. Susana S profile image92
      Susana Sposted 2 years ago in reply to this

      Email Hubpages at: team[at]hubpages[dot]com

  2. ravinderkumarshar profile image76
    ravinderkumarsharposted 24 months ago

    my google analytics account is being receiving data status but my webmaster tools account has not been verified. i want to know what i should correct to get my webmaster tools can be verified.