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huppages ad program and paypal blacklisted countries

  1. sasuwa profile image65
    sasuwaposted 21 months ago

    i think by now hubpage should accomodate  all members into its  ad program,  some people shoudn't  be  hindered  from complete participation  due a third party    product policy.     paypal should'nt be the only  payment method  other method should  be added especially for  paypal blackliisted countries. i see no any reason why a third party program insufficiency/incapability  should be a margin for accepting or rejecting  many present and potential hubbers into any  hubpage program.

    1. Writer Fox profile image79
      Writer Foxposted 21 months ago in reply to this

      The HP Ad Program operates in conjunction with Google AdSense, so you have to have an approved AdSense account to use the program.  To become approved with AdSense from Nigeria, write 20 - 30 quality Hubs, then wait six months, then apply to AdSense.

      Paypal is available to Nigerians (for paying and receiving payments) through the First Bank of Nigeria:

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    Michelle B- Grandposted 21 months ago

    Very interesting!

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    Michelle B- Grandposted 21 months ago

    You are right!