Maybe Earth is Safe

Do They Exist?



Maybe the Earth is safe, well that is to say that we are safe, from alien annihilation.

For many years now the questions have been asked.

Is there life on other planets?

Is there intelligent life out there?

Do they know we exist?

Do they mean us harm?

If they could reach us because of their advanced technology, could their advanced technology annihilate us?

Some people are now saying that we are perhaps safe from visiting aliens and that it is our existence itself that could keep us safe.

For What?

Diamonds or Water
Diamonds or Water


If aliens were to visit Earth, what would be their purpose?

Science fiction has for many years depicted aliens in many different forms and with many different agendas. Most though, have depicted them as being in search of something.

There are those that have been in search of water. Why not? Isn’t that what our space agencies are already searching asteroids and planets for?

Some have been depicted as searching for gold, again, why not? Hasn’t gold always attracted us and been seen as something of value?

Then there have been those that have been searching for diamonds. The hardest substance known to man has already shown itself to be useful in advanced technology, so why shouldn’t it be even more useful to an even more advanced technology?

The problem with these works of fiction is why would they come to Earth?

Scientists have now seen a planet that they believe IS a diamond. Around the asteroid Eros there is believed to be four times the amount of gold than there is on Earth. All the water in our oceans is thought to be just a drop in a bucket, compared to the amount on Saturn.

If we already know this, then surely any aliens with advanced technology would also know it. Even oxygen has been found to be abundant in space.

Life on Earth



There is one thing though, that even though we search for it, we have not found. Is it perhaps the rarest thing in the universe? That thing is life itself.

If this were the case, then it could be logical to surmise that aliens could be trying to seek out other life forms in the universe.

Again, if this were the case, like us, they would probably want to try and discover the secrets of what or how life is created.

To do this, it is doubtful that they would want to annihilate the one thing they would want to study.

So, perhaps we are a little safer than some science fiction writers would have us believe.

Unless of course our own fears, cause us to engage them in a war, that results in our demise.

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lazarus61 4 years ago

It never ceases to amaze me that when it comes to topics regarding extra-terrestrial visitations, some god freak pops his muddled little head up and starts quoting passages from the bible and recycled quotes about a brave new world, Illuminati etc. etc.

The brave new world, Illuminati theory has been floating around for decades and does not have any concrete evidence to support it, on the other hand, I know the Earth is flat and if we travel far enough we will fall off the edge!

Druid Dude profile image

Druid Dude 4 years ago from West Coast

Resistance is futile. We have been assimilated.

sweetguide profile image

sweetguide 5 years ago from River side

Your hubs are very helpful, promising and reassuring.

topquark profile image

topquark 5 years ago from UK

We've been broadcasting radio waves for decades, which would alert the aliens to our presence. I think they'd be very interested to find a new species - life in the Universe seems to be fairly sparsely distributed, from what we've explored so far. Nice hub.

Man from Modesto profile image

Man from Modesto 5 years ago from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California)

There is a lot of evidence that there is a completely different life form (one or several others) that has visited earth. Skulls, skeletons, and other archeological evidence abounds. Most of the skeletons are bought up by the Rockefeller museums (the same ones that pressure archeologists to find "something" proving evolution, or lose their grants, and their posts, and their jobs, and their careers...)

These "alien" life forms have been interbreeding with man for centuries.

The Bible also talked about the Nephilim, "the Watchers" and their violation of God's law by breeding with "the daughters of Eve".

Basically, those rebels were thrown out of Heaven, and down to the earth. The "aliens" are actually demons. Part of Satan's plan is to convince people there is no Satan, no demons, and no God, and no Jesus, and no redemption from the curse of Hell. To do this, he hides his presence under cover stories. And, he sends his servants to buy up the evidence and fabricate false evidence.

If you look around just a little, you will find there have been many sightings of UFOs emerging from under the ocean and from out of the mouth of volcanoes. They are coming from the underworld, from Hell.

In the coming Tribulation time, demons come from both inside the earth, and also from "the heavens" (outer space). Aliens are demons. They are going to kill, and they are going to set up a "new world order".

imgreencat profile image

imgreencat 5 years ago from somewhere on planet Earth

Safe from aliens but not humans!

rafken profile image

rafken 5 years ago from The worlds my oyster Author

Bob - I think you're right. No INTELLIGENT life form would choose to have anything to do with our politicians.

diogenes 5 years ago

Yes, all that precious metal and "diamonds in the sky" I bet De Beers and others will be very nervous when we really get going into space. If they come here, I don't think they will want to stay long: too many "aliens" here for them and too much contamination, not to mention thieving politicians and bankers! Bob

PETER LUMETTA profile image


Definitely food for thought. There are many possible scenarios, thanks for the seed,


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