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English lands in France

When the house of Plantagenet claimed the throne to England it created quite a large empire. The lands in France included, but not limited to: Normandy, Brittany, Anjou, Aquitaine and Toulouse. These lands in France were held by the English kings as fiefs and under the authority of England, but they were not considered part of England. Why were these lands not considered part England?

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The Angevin Empire84

The Angevin Empire

4 years ago
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4 years ago
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    Jason (eaglecreek) 4 years ago

    If England and France were both in a war at same time who would they support?

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4 years ago
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    MickS 4 years ago

    The British monarch still holds the title of the duke of Normandy though the Channel Islands. The monarchy gave up the claim to the French throne in 1801.