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Is there an "absolute hot"?

Since there is an absolute zero, the coldest cold that has, does or ever could or will exist in the entire cosmos, spacially AND temporally (that theoretical limit, at least for thermal and kinetic energy - quantum mechanics and the definition and measure of POTENTIAL energy are shelves worth of complicated, and a different physics altogether - where there is NO MOTION/ACTIVITY and we're talking at down to the atomic/molecular level, is 0deg Kelvin (K), -273.15 C, and -459.67 F), is there a possible limit to how hot a temperature can be reached or amount of motion/energy measurable, thermally?

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4 years ago
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Caleb DRC says

4 years ago
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    stanwshura 4 years ago

    Wow - thank you for this detail! You definitely gave me plenty of Googlable material.