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Dogs have played an animated part of my entire life. I can't imagine living life without their undauntable joy, effervescent greetings, vivacious playing, steadfast loyalty, and unbelievable cuteness. They have generously given me many fond memories. Even a small amount of affection offered to a dog will yield a great amount of love in return.

I believe anyone who is cruel to animals or insouciant to their proper care is innately a coward. Cruelty both corrodes and dilutes courage. Only one of them can reign in the same heart. If cruelty escalates in one's soul then pusillanimity is sure to follow with the same intensity. If you see a cruel person, then you are beholding a coward also. Do not be fooled! Confidence or stupidity may masquerade as courage, as a mask concealing one's identity, but in the final analysis--when the right circumstance demands it--they could not even pathetically imitate courage, let alone take on the impossible challenge of being the real thing.

I chose "Caleb" as a pseudonym because he is one of the paragons of Scripture. There is enough written about him in Numbers, Joshua and Judges to convey an appreciation for--and receive inspiration from--his remarkable character. Even after 3,600 years he still serves us as an exemplary role model. Caleb was a fearless warrior, even at the age of 85(Josh.14:10,11). He did not procrastinate; he was good and generous to women, and he was optimistic. He had an immutable faith in God, and he wholly followed God. He was not a typical man, but rather "had another spirit with him"(Num.14:24). Fear is a necessary ingredient before courage can manifest itself, but in Caleb's case he had no fear. He feared nothing and no one except God Himself, which brings us to another innate quality of his noble character: wisdom(Job28:28; Psa.111:10; Prov.9:10).

My image profile did not come out as well as I expected. As bad as it looks here, I still consider it the most magnificent picture in existence. The words and numbers at the bottom: Hubble Ultra Deep Field; Hubble Space Telescope--Advanced Camera for Surveys; NASA, ESA, S. Beckwith(STScl) and the HUDF team; STScl--PRc04-07a

You can go to, hubblesite.org, for a much better picture that you can zoom into and scroll around inside it. Eventually I'll get a hub done about it. I downloaded this into my computer, and have an icon for it. Sometimes I zoom into a particular galaxy and ponder the fact that the light took billions of years to get to me.

All my math hubs have something about God in their final paragraph(s).

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