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What is this old cartoon show/movie??

I've been discovering what old memories of shows and movies in my childhood are, but there is still one scene that eludes me: it was in the age of The Last Unicorn, or The Hobbit cartoon movie, perhaps with an old Anime animation feel, can't say for sure. All I remember is there are two siblings(? boy and a girl) and a witch. The siblings were lost in the woods (NOT Hanzel and Grettle) and something about a pond, maybe more than one. The boy was thirsty and drank from the pond, and he became a deer cause the witch enchanted the pond or something like that. Sound familiar to anyone??

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14 months ago
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Ashly Christen (AshlyChristen) says

14 months ago
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    Wakerra 14 months ago

    apparently it's "Brother and Sister". I think I found what I'd seen all those years ago on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_pNr6laEoY but I can't be certain. The story is right anyway, just not sure if this was the rendition I saw