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Why is it that we allow the media to run how we think and act??? (not saying all media is bad)

this question is based on the fact that TV and Radio are called "programming", and therefore we are to a point being programmed to think and act a specific way, apart from who we truly are, and on top of that, we have media showing us things being a certain way, telling us that we are not part of the "status-sphere" unless we follow society's steps, but at the same time as we try to be like everyone else we are told we are independent thinkers and doers. so which one is it, are we independent or copy cats? and can we really think for ourselves, or must we live life through tv?

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Suzan (Alexa Poesia) says

5 years ago
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Christopher Floyd says

6 years ago
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SentMe says

6 years ago
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cfin says

4 years ago
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    cfin 4 years ago

    I would also like to add that biased media DO and always HAVE worked together. The more a viewer hates one channel, the more likely they are to be die hard fans of the opposite channel. Like oil and water, if they dont mix, they separate.