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Suzan (Alexa Poesia)

Joined 11 years ago from Ohio

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  • Alright


    5 years ago

    Feeling caught in thought.

  • Cloudy Path

    Cloudy Path

    9 years ago

    In relationships we sometimes let life overwhelm us, and forget how it affects others as well. Believing in yourself and faith in each other helps overcome obstacles.

  • Cats of Beauty

    Cats of Beauty

    10 years ago

    Beauty that surrounds me Frustration on my face to see Asking how can this be Caged as an attraction God’s creatures Due to greed and infatuation Open hearts took on more Helping these animals to soar Education to many...

  • Silent warrior

    Silent warrior

    8 years ago

    Challenges of a ongoing illness.

  • Excerpt from Smurfette’s Diary.

    Excerpt from Smurfette’s Diary.

    10 years ago

    You know it is so hard being the only vivacious girl smurf in the village, I vividly dream of a precious day when I can talk girl to girl to another smurfette. No one around here understands what it is like to shed blood once a month and still keep...

  • Passing Moments

    Passing Moments

    10 years ago

    As I stand upon the gulf shore looking for something once more sun’s warmth glistens upon my face wind racing at its own pace A distant roar of the tides begin to soar Brings back memories of times before A grainy feeling...

  • The strength of your love

    The strength of your love

    9 years ago

    As each passing moment fades into air Each breathe I take I know somewhere you will be there In some small gesture, a passing glance, a smile Showing me you care Giving me the solitude I need To get through each stressful moment...

  • Fears of a soldiers wife

    Fears of a soldiers wife

    10 years ago

    Alexia had been away from her husband for an eternity it seemed. Today she glided through the room to await his return from duty. Time seem to not go by quick enough as she stared out the window. It had been two summers ago since she last saw him....

  • My commitment

    My commitment

    8 years ago

    Growing up we all have visions & values of what we want from out life, we tend to pass those on to our children as well. We watch them grow from little to adults in no time flat.

  • Words not spoken sometimes

    Words not spoken sometimes

    10 years ago

    During the course of a marriage we become comfortable with each other Never to think of what could happen without one another Sometimes there is too much silence in the room Words are spoken but never enough I try every day to get your...

  • My Promises

    My Promises

    11 years ago

    In times u r blue I will send u a smile Just to get u through In times you are lost I will give you knowledge To find your way In times you are sick I will give you strength To get you running again When u just need to...

  • Example of love

    Example of love

    11 years ago

    Rooster crowing early morn I stumble from bed, hair disarray mascara smeared from cheek to ear Mosey into the apartment sized kitchen Turn on the bright ceiling light Fumble around for a minute to get my site back You know like...

  • Expressway


    11 years ago

    Some us sometimes choose which direction to go Others are put in drive and expected to drive Without knowledge of where we are going What we are to do Sometimes we take the state routes to view the sites Understand where we are by the...

  • will you turn away

    will you turn away

    11 years ago

    With all the turmoil and chaos around us Will you still need me? Do you still see me the same? While standing in a room filled with pictures There lies one with memories attached to it Do you feel the memories or rebuke the thoughts? ...

  • Ohh to remember

    Ohh to remember

    11 years ago

    To many people to say the word remember, it is a process To others it is a safe place Your memories are what bind you Bind you to many things great and small And sometimes just to remember things that are and once were I hang onto my...

  • A child's masquerade

    A child's masquerade

    11 years ago

    Be true to yourself.

  • As seasons change

    As seasons change

    11 years ago

    In the spring with proper sunshine and rain the flowers will bloom A baby brought into the world with the gift of life Streaming colors of the rainbow does the earth show The baby smiles for the first time in life As time passes, so does...

  • Shattered Mirror

    Shattered Mirror

    9 years ago

    Loss of memory, time, and life.

  • Another Day To Dance

    Another Day To Dance

    11 years ago

    We all enter into a courtship of happiness and warmth Over time the tides of life tear at that happiness you once knew The warmth is no longer so warm The dance of another kind begins As you dance the dance of life in separate ways A...

  • In a glimpse

    In a glimpse

    10 years ago

    In one moment a mother stares off in a distance Wondering what god has in store for her child Planning to her best ability and never doubting an instance Praying for the three gifts she was given Knowledge to make the right decisions...

  • Untimely Regrets

    Untimely Regrets

    11 years ago

    I regret never have known him when I was a child like the father he is today I regret the drifting sands Of time missing out On so much opportunity to embrace our relationship, our friendship I regret not saying The words I...

  • Dancing Amber

    Dancing Amber

    11 years ago

    Staring across the room At a small amber pillar Standing afloat Amidst the air Frolicking from side to side At times Sometimes unchanged A warm aroma Fills my thoughts Of fresh baked vanilla cookies Such a tantalizing...

  • Lost Before You

    Lost Before You

    11 years ago

    In a world filled with sharpened words of hatred and darkened with coldness Grasping for my sanity for me plus one I shuttered with fear at the thought of a another day of coldness Drunken utters of promises that would never be anything...

  • Is she really out there in the dark cold forest.

    Is she really out there in the dark cold forest.

    10 years ago

    Earlier on that week Veronica and I were told by some teenage friends, that if we would stay one night, just one night at this gravesite we would win $200.00. We weren’t the only ones chosen to carry out this great feat, there were others before...

  • A Fading Rose Under Glass

    A Fading Rose Under Glass

    10 years ago

    Have you ever took a glance a rose before It has a unique beauty of its own It is something you will remember forever more If for some reason you were to capture that beauty Contain it under glass for all to see Keep it as your own ...

  • Faith and love

    Faith and love

    8 years ago

    Young couple faced with separation due to enlistment into the military, and realizing the will always be together in their hearts.

  • Ageless Love

    Ageless Love

    11 years ago

    I stood motionless, On the gulf’s shores Engulfed in the bountiful earth’s beauty Lips dried as the grained sand between my toes Tasting the salt that lies within the air My heart melts into my extremities like butter on a...

  • His gentle Caring Hands

    His gentle Caring Hands

    10 years ago

    Over the course of time we encounter many feats of greatest design They are very close in comparison to the tallest of tallest buildings We also encounter feats in which are small like a lady bug In either case, it weighs on our mind...


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